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Not Effective

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As I was playing my favorite game on Facebook (Bejeweled Blitz), I came across an ad on the side of the page.  THIS was the ad:

Let me just say, that it got my attention.  It DEFINITELY got my attention.  But, um, HELLO!?!?!?!  Looking at that mean, Exorcist-looking face does NOT make me want to become a social worker.  Not in one year, and not in ten years.  Now, as I look at that photo, I’m imagining that the photographer just told that sweet (she probably really IS sweet, and not evil) little girl to make the scariest monster face she could.  And that’s great.

But the sepia tones, added with the ad for becoming a social worker, makes the whole thing just creepy.  I did not click on the link.  For two reasons…the first reason would be that I very, very, very, very rarely will click on a Facebook ad.  And if I do, it’s only the ones that go to another Facebook page.  Secondly, I was afraid that the devil himself might jump right out of my laptop if I clicked there.

OK, just needed to share.  What’s the weirdest Facebook ad you’ve seen?

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A 20th Year Junior

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Did I tell ya that I’m back in school?  Did I?  Well I am.  Here’s the nutshell-version of my post high school education.  Graduated high school, went to Pitt.  Quit Pitt.  Went to CCAC.  Stopped.  Started again.  Stopped.  Waited about 5 years.  Went back again.  Stopped.  And now I’m back.  All of that back and forth to school gave me 60 some credits, but no Associates Degree, no nothin’.  I talked about it back in October a bit. Anywhoo, I’m in the middle of an online Astronomy class through CCAC.

Yup, it’s a thrill a minute.

I mean, it would be more interesting if I were, say, going to be an astronomer.  But I’m not.  Lots of reading and lots of online quizzes and tests.  It doesn’t fit in well with the whole ‘Mom with a kid at home’ thing, but I’m getting through it, and I have an ‘A.’  I’m very glad I didn’t decide to take more classes until they are BOTH in school.  Astronomy was the one class that I could still take at CCAC (and pay only 80 bucks a credit, instead of five hundred something a credit!)

The plan is still to start at the University of Phoenix this fall.  I’m a bit torn, though.  I originally had decided to go through the Web Development program, which is an information technology degree.  I THINK I’m gonna stick with that.  But I was also looking at the Business degree with a concentration in e-business.  I can handle the techy-programming stuff though.  And I think I may have already learned a lot of stuff in the business degree, just through my travels.

Speaking of my travels, I bought a course online.  Normally I think that every e-book or ‘make money online’ course is a scam.  (And quite honestly, they usually are scams).  But THIS course…this one is different.  It was really like taking a college course.  Tons of information, and lots of tools.  It’s called Niche Blueprint 2.0.  I got it on the first day that it launched (so I didn’t pay $500 for it).  It has been fantastic!  A great forum, fantastic ideas…it will help me in my domination of the internet…

So, I’m in the middle of building an online store.  As soon as I get it all up and ready, I’ll let you go and see it.  But now?  Right now?  I’m off to read three chapters of Astronomy.  Yippee.

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Hmmm…Maybe I Can

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If you looked at the title, you’re probably thinking ‘What?’  Well, let me get into this a bit.  I decided (about a year or so ago) that I want to make a living online.  A real living.  It’s been slow going at first, but I’ve definitely put some extra cash in my pocket.  I know that if I fill my head with enough knowledge (mostly technical gunk) that someday I can run my business from some little island. I don’t want to have to see any of my customers.  I want my toes to be in the sand and the laptop, well, on my lap.  It’s hard to have the time to really dedicate to my online businesses right now because I’m hangin’ with those little chickies.  But I figured I had some time to get it started, and when they both got to school, I could really put my nose to the grindstone.

I’m seeing lots of opportunities with regards to affiliating and e-commerce, but I’m just lackin’  in the skilz.  I don’t have the time to actually go to school and learn a bunch of programming stuff.  I also don’t have the cash to do it.  I’ve recently checked out this site about Elearning. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!  It’s inexpensive and has all the classes I would want to take.  Because I don’t really want (or need) a degree, I can go and learn all the stuff I WANT to learn, and not have to take all those extra ‘filler’ classes.

If I get through a class or two (or three, or four), I should be able to set up a website exactly the way I want.  I think I could squeeze one class in while the kids are in summer rec (maybe), but definitely in the fall.  Chloe will be in preschool three days a week.

Someday, someday I’ll be on that tropical island.  Tony can have his little tiki bar, and I’ll have the laptop.  I’ll get there.  Now as for the rock hard abs that I want?  Well, that may be a little more difficult.  But I’m daring to dream :)


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Yes, another blog

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Hey! I started a new blog! It’s completely in its infancy, but it’s going to be a blog about different products and stores and such that I like. So, go check it out. I’ll be adding something every day.
Here’s the link: Stuff Heather Likes

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Another website

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Hello everybody! I’m getting ready to pack up the troops and head to warm, sunny Florida. But I did get a little bit of web work done last night. You can check out the newest collection of t-shirts and gifts from CafePress at I just finished it up, and it’s a collection of funny stuff for bartenders and servers. If you get a chance, go and check it out! Next time I write to you, I’ll be sitting in much warmer weather :)

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