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It’s All My Fault

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Yes, there is snow on the ground here in Pittsburgh.

And it’s all my fault.

Why?  Well first off, just last week I said this:  “As long as we can make it past parade day, I think we’ll be clear of any big snow.”

Shit.  Parade day is tomorrow.

Plus, I put my faith in that damn groundhog.  He definitely deserves a punch in the face.  Definitely.  But there is a ray of sunlight in all of this…and it will be around an hour later than we’re used to.  Don’t forget to “spring forward” tomorrow before you go to bed.  And if you’re just in a big ol’ drunken stupor because you’ve been celebrating at the St. Patrick’s Day parade (or at Downey’s House)?  Just set that clock forward before you leave the house.

Have a great weekend!

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In Flux

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OK, I can’t decide if this is winter weather or early spring weather. I’m not sure if I should let Chloe “punch that groundhog right in the face,” or tell her to cool her jets. Bad news? 3-5 inches by tomorrow morning. Good news? Well, it should melt pretty quickly. I’ll let the deciding factor be this: If we have a two hour delay tomorrow, I will say it’s still winter, and let the punching commence. (The girls have already been home for five days straight, a two hour delay may be just the thing that would push me over the edge). No two hour delay, and I’ll happily go about my day just waiting for the sun to melt the evil stuff that fell from the sky.

By the way, Girl Scout cookies are in. I will be sorting and figuring tonight, and will take most of them to the restaurant for pick up. If you’re lucky, I’ll deliver them on Wednesday.

Unless I have to take Chloe to punch a groundhog.

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Harmless Fun, I Think

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Tony and I really have fun with the kids.  Mad torturing skillz?  We haz ‘em.

Last night we told Chloe that if she had been a boy, her name was going to be Cletus.  Tony kept saying stuff about chewing tobacco and missing teeth.  It COMPLETELY got a rise out of her, so we just kept calling her Cletus.  She started screaming, with extreme passion in her eyes, “My name’s not Cletus!!!”  Finally, she broke down, yelled at Tony, and said “It’s on like Donkey Kong, Dad.”

After a few kid punches and her being held upside down, Tony asked, “OK, you really wanna fight?  You wanna fight?”  She, of course, said yes.  Then Tony said a line that I’VE never heard before, but I guess he used to say it when he was a kid.  It was:  “Well then climb up my ass and fight for air.”

I about lost it.  It just struck me as so darn funny, that I couldn’t stop laughing.  Tears STREAMED down my face.  That, of course, got Tony laughing.  Hard.  The kids really had no idea why we were laughing so hard, but they joined in too.

It was exactly what we needed.  These winter blahs were broken, even if it was only for fifteen minutes.

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It’s Just Around The Corner?

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OK, I just have to share a little tidbit. I went to Costco this afternoon. It’s 25 degrees outside. I had to stop for my FAVORITE Dunkin Donuts coffee (just 16 bucks for a big, big bag). After getting some other random groceries, my eyes spied…

A selection of bathing suits and beach towels.

Could it be?

Is swimsuit season just around the corner?

I’m going to hold on to the belief that the winter will zoom by, and I’ll be in a suit before two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Just let me go.

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A Store For Giants

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Chloe and I went to Costco today.  I’m sure you can already see where this title is going.  We needed some groceries, but not a ton.  We ended up with 54 rice crispy treats, milk, half and half, a gigantic container of strawberries, cashews and some other stuff.  All food (except for the ‘Home Defense’ bug spray.  What a deal.  A gigantic container for only 8 bucks).  I don’t go to Costco all that often.  Why?  Because I end up walking out with food, a new book, a video game, and other stuff that I THINK I need.

As we were walking through the bakery (because I told Chloe she could get cookies), we browsed.  Have you seen the Costco cupcakes?  They are gigantic!  I mean, they have to be three times the size of a normal cupcake.  Chloe then asked me if the food in there is made for REALLY big people.  Yup, I guess so.  I do have to say, though, that I DIDN’T buy the coconut cream pie because it was just too damn big.  And I would have to eat the entire thing.

We paid for our groceries, and stopped to buy our customary churro.  As we were driving home, Chloe talked to me about what she did in school today.  They were talking about weather.  She said “Mom.  Weather is either a tiger or a sheep.”


OOOHHHHHHH, you mean either a lion or a lamb?  OK, I get it.

By the way, today got a lamb :)

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