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Forced Enjoyment

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First, I’m going to say, “Happy Mothers’ Day” to all moms, especially my own.  Being a mom is the hardest gig out there, no doubt about it.  I don’t think that any woman can TRULY appreciate what their own mother has done until she, herself, is a Mom.  So, thanks Mom.  I love you.

Yesterday I had our day all planned out.  The weather was crappy.  Windy, cold and rainy.  And I knew it was going to be like that.  So, the plan was to do our little Saturday morning routine at the restaurant and then hang in the house.  I had the girls all prepped for an afternoon of jammies, movies and the Wii.  Perfect.  And while they were doing that, I was planning on catching up on some housework (you know, clean a couple of bathrooms, vacuum, laundry) and some internet work.  But wait…there was more.  After putting them to bed, I planned on reading my new book from Charlaine Harris (Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 10)) for a couple of hours before watching Betty White host Saturday Night Live.

It all started out great.  The girls (after a little, um, “discussion” about what they were going to watch) settled in to watch Goosebumps and All Grown Up.  I chatted with Tony for a bit, got some work done, and we all decided to have a snack of ice cream about 3:30.  That is the time of day that my energy hits that gigantic dip.  I brewed coffee and sat on the couch with the kids, enjoying Rugrats:  All Grown Up.  Well, I think I was actually enjoying the inside of my eyelids.  Then it happened.

The power went out.

Thank God the coffee had already brewed!  We sat and waited for a couple of minutes to see if it was just a flicker (because that happens more often than a long stretch of no power).  No go.  The kids continued to play, but I was sort of stuck.  Couldn’t do laundry.  Couldn’t vacuum.  The bathrooms that needed cleaned were the ones without windows, so that was out.  No internet.  So, I started reading my book.

And that’s what I did until the power came back on around 6:00.

It put me in a great mood.  I happily made dinner.  I set the kids up in Chloe’s room for their quasi-sleepover.  I kept on reading.  I surrendered my to-do list for a day of doing what I wanted to do. I mean, I had to diffuse some fights.  I had to freak out when they wouldn’t just LAY DOWN AND GO TO BED AT 10:00.  But I finished my book.

Just in time to watch Saturday Night Live, which was awesome! This was probably my favorite:

And guess what?  I DID vacuum this morning.  And do some laundry.  Oh, and I got breakfast in bed!  (Watermelon , a fiber bar and iced tea from Chloe.  Iced tea and a salami sandwich with a broken up string cheese on it from Becca.  Awesome.)

Have a great Mothers’ Day!!!!


Sorry about the ugly :(

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Well, I have to apologize about the ugly that’s all over the blog.  I had a little boo-boo.

Now I’ll admit, I hadn’t written for quite a while.  Then, a few weeks ago, I decided I felt like writing again.  So I log into my blog.  Across the top of my admin screen, it’s screaming at me “UPDATE TO WORDPRESS 2.9.2 NOW.”  So, I figured “what the hell.”  Writing a post could wait the half an hour it takes to update wordpress.

Um, wrong.

Just like a man who doesn’t read the instructions before he tries to put something together, I just clicked away.  It started off well.  I skipped the back up, since I hadn’t written in so long.  I figured I had a backup on my computer from December (I later came to find out…also wrong.)

Everything went chugging along, until I got the message that said “You must be running MySQL 5.0 to upgrade.  Upgrade failed.” (OK, maybe I shouldn’t have put quotes there…but that’s how I remember it).  And that was it.  No going back.  I wasn’t able to do ANYTHING.  I started getting tons of spam comments, waiting for me to approve them (174 to be exact).

I neither had the time or the desire to dive into the project it would be to just get wordpress up and running again.

But tonight I did it. I did all sorts of technical crazy stuff.  I switched databases…I imported from the old one…my alarm is going to go off in six hours.

So, for now, have some ugly.  I’ll make it pretty and tell you all the stories from Christmas up until this crazy, snowy February.

Good night! :)

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Change – It's Good, Right?

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Well, let me tell you about my past week.  I quit smoking last Sunday.  I had finished all of the steps of the Quest cigarettes that I could get my grubby little hands on.  We had a great Sunday that involved a trip to the grocery store, an awesome sale on crab legs, spoiling the kids and enjoying the day.  The last cigarette came after that awesome dinner of crab legs and fresh bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I made everybody leave the house so I could be alone with my cigarette.  We had an emotional good bye, but knew it was better for both of us….

ANYWAY, that was the last time I smoked.  The next day I went to work…at the restaurant…you know, where there’s ALL THAT FOOD?!?!?!  I couldn’t stop eating.  I just didn’t know what to do with myself.  At 10:30 I had roast beef and mashed potatoes.  A couple of hours later I had some funnel cake fries (they really are super yummy).  An hour later…nachos with cheese and jalapenos.  It was crazy.

Thankfully, the gym that Tony and I decided to join opened the next morning.  So, I headed off to the gym, determined not to gain the weight that normally comes along with quitting smoking.  I’ve done pretty well with at least GOING to the gym.  And here’s the best story about that:

Thursday morning I decided to take a Zumba class.  I’ve always liked the dance-y stuff, and figured it would be fun.  Because it was the first day they were actually having classes at the gym, there were only two other women in the class with me.  I announced to everybody that I had just quit smoking, and that I hadn’t exercised since, maybe, high school. I asked that if I decided to just quit and lay down on the floor, would they politely just ignore me.

I hung in for the class pretty well.  It’s a 45 minute class, and around minute 35 I decided that I needed to be done.  I thanked the instructor (I really did enjoy the class) and told her I’d see her the following week.  Chloe and I headed out to Kohl’s for some shopping.

And then it hit me.

I thought I was going to have a stroke in the middle of Kohl’s.  Chloe and I sat in the shoe section for a while, and I told her that if mommy fell down onto the floor to just go and get somebody who worked here.  I figured that no, I probably wasn’t having a stroke.  But the fact that I had a Fiber One bar for breakfast and then proceeded to dance around like a horny club going 21 year old for a half an hour might have been the problem.  After I felt a little better (and ate a sucker to get through our shopping trip), Chloe and I headed to McDonalds for a Happy Meal and some grilled chicken wraps.

So, I haven’t died of exhaustion, stroke, over eating or nicotine withdrawal.  And I haven’t killed or injured anybody.  I don’t think I’ve even made anybody cry.  I’d dare to say that’s a pretty good first week of not smoking and diving into exercise, don’t ya think?

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I <3 Technology!

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You know, having these two small children, I really haven’t had a lot of time to watch movies.  Well, I take that back.  I haven’t had a lot of time to watch moves rated PG-13 or higher.  I’ve seen lots of Mosters, Inc, Scooby Doo, Ice Age, and our latest trip to the theater?  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  It was cute.

Anyway, this past weekend, I got to catch up on some movies.  Now, seeing that a couple of weeks ago I stayed up to watch Ryan Reynolds on Saturday Night Live and DID NOT GET TO SEE HIS ABS, I needed to see some abs.  I figured that I would stick with Ryan Reynolds, and watch a movie that I had seen before…Waiting.  First of all, if you have ever worked in a restaurant, you NEED to see this movie.  The only character that is missing is the gay guy.  This movie is very true to life, and completely hysterical.  If you’ve never worked in a restaurant, you just won’t get it.  Really.  The best thing about watching this movie (aside from the quick shot of Ryan’s abs)?  I watched it on my iPhone.  Completely cool.  The girls were in the tub, I was watching the movie.  I watched while I was vacuuming.  I watched while they were watching iCarly in bed (I just had to throw out a “Spencer is so funny!” every once in a while).

Renting a movie on my phone was super awesome.  The next time I’m somewhere (like jury duty, or the doctor’s waiting room) I’m gettin’ me a movie.

Later that night, I decided to stay up and watch Drew Barrymore on SNL.  I have this habit of flipping through the channels during the musical act.  Well, I found that Marley and Me was just starting on HBO.  Two hours and a box of kleenex later, I just wanted to hug my dog, my kids and my husband.  I know there were mixed reviews on this movie, but I think it really showed what normal life is like.  Crazy, unpredictable and full of love.

Sunday night Tony and I were home together.  After the kids went to bed, we had the energy to stay up for a movie.  We decided on The Haunting in Connecticut.  Tony was sucked in because it was based on a true story.  I was up for being scared, because Halloween is right around the corner, you know!

I liked this movie, but it wasn’t fantastic.  After poking around on the web, I found out that the ‘true story’ wasn’t really all that true.  But, I still jumped a few times, and going into my bathroom in the dark five minutes after the movie was over was a little creepy.  The creepiness went away after about fifteen minutes, though.

So, how about that?  I saw three movies in one weekend.  Prior to that weekend, I was watching a ‘grown up’ movie about every three to six months.  I love that the kids are getting old enough to deal, sleep in their own bed all night (usually), and play practical jokes on me :)

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know about the shootings in Collier Township last night.  My brain is having problems processing all of this information, and I can only imagine what others who were in the gym are dealing with.  I was going to attempt to write a story and be light hearted.

I don’t think I can until tomorrow.  This one was a little too close to home.  Home.  Collier Township.  Many of my neighbors go to that gym, and our friends have family who were in the gym.

Too close.

Happiness tomorrow…

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