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Yet another Zazzle contest

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Well, there’s another contest over at Zazzle, and here’s my entry. The theme was Pirates because there is actually a day designated to “Talk Like a Pirate.” Go figure. Please, go and vote for it if you have the time. Thanks!

Embrace Your Inner Pirate shirt

Embrace Your Inner Pirate
by hdowney
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A new contest at Zazzle

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Well, Zazzle is running a new contest. It’s all about fake mascots (see here). I’ve created an entry. Go and check it out, give it some stars, leave a comment there. You’ll have to have an account with Zazzle, but it’s way easy to sign up…and if you uncheck the box, they won’t send you a bunch of e-mail.

Randy the Safety Raccoon shirt

Randy the Safety Raccoon

Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

So, go and check it out! Check out the other contest entries, too. They are always extremely creative!

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OK, here’s my newest design. I have serious Jesus issues…and when this idea came into my head I literally laughed out loud. I’m just a bit tired of the whole ‘Jesus Loves Me’ thing. Whatever. Such a terrible phrase. Anyway, there’s my rant, and here’s my design:

Just in case you can’t read it, it says “Jesus Loves Me But I broke up with him.”

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