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It's the Little Distractions

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You know, it’s getting a lot easier to work with my kids at home.  Well, with one kid at home most of the time, because the other one is at school.  But even when they’re both here, they’ve figured out that I’m old and boring.  They entertain themselves by playing school, or Spongebob, or Scooby Doo.  They’ve even been letting me sleep in on the weekends!  I tried a little experiment last week.  I told them that they weren’t supposed to come into my bedroom until the clock said “eight, zero, zero.”  Last weekend was sort of a bust.  They were in my room at least ten times between seven and eight o’clock.

BUT, this weekend was an entirely different story. On Saturday, Becca strolled into my room and said “Mom, I forgot to watch the clock and now it says eight-three-three.”  Bonus.  Now the rules are that they have to stay upstairs and play in one or the other’s room.  Today Becca walked in and announced it was eight-zero-one.  Fine, I’ll take that!

So, I’m getting sleep, the kids are entertaining themselves, but I’m still having some problems finishing my to-do list.  It’s all because of one word.


I’ve really enjoyed getting back in touch with old friends and school mates.  But I find myself doing things like…

playing Bejeweled Blitz.  It’s really quite addictive.  And I’m pretty darn good at it.  But here’s the problem.  I start playing it, and all of a sudden it’s an hour later.  And I’m wondering why my butt is numb.

Today, I wasted some time over at JibJab.  A friend of mine made a little video of her family, so I decided to do the same thing.  Here are the end results:

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That killed about a half an hour or so. But it DID make the kids giggle….so I guess it was all worth it :)

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I Took A Bite Of Apple

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Well, after many mini-debates with myself in my head, I went ahead and got an iPhone.

I lurves it.

Through and through, I’m a PC.  I’ve never had an Apple anything.  I have mp3 players, not iPods.  My laptop runs Vista (which was a pain at first, but all good now), my desktop runs Windows xp.  My father and brother can build computers.  They’ve never been Apple people.

So, I sorta felt like Eve taking a bite.

My brother got an iPod touch from his boss for Christmas.  I was playing with it a little last week (I think my brother only broke it out of the box recently.  I don’t know if he was having his own Apple issues).  Anyway, it was way cool.  I had already been thinking about a new phone, because we were due for an upgrade.  After playing with the iPod touch, the (Apple) seed was planted. (I crack myself up.  Apple.  Seed.  HA!)

I got my new iPhone on Friday, and it’s awesome.  I haven’t even really had a lot of time to put a ton of apps on it.  First off, the sales guy at AT&T was great.  His name is Geoff, and he gave me a quick crash course on the phone.  While I was there in the store, we set up one of my email accounts, installed the Facebook app, The Weather Channel app, Pittsburgh Traffic and Twitterific.  (All free apps, by the way).  I’ve since added a couple on my own.  A couple of games for the kids (they love Monkey Bash on the megatouch, so I found that), and a couple of games for me (Bejeweled 2 and Scramble – both of which I play on Facebook).  And, since I don’t have an iTunes subscription (PC, remember?), I got the Pandora app.  I already use Pandora on the laptop, and I really like it.

Will this turn me into an Apple lover?  I don’t think so.  But this phone IS my favorite material possession in the world right now. And the best birthday present Tony ever got for me.  Even though, like my Mother’s Day present, I told him that he bought it for me after I purchased it.  :)

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Kiddie Brain Candy

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You know, we really do a lot outside in the summer. But we (read: the kids) do still watch television. This usually happens for an hour in the morning, depending on the day, it could be an hour or so in the afternoon, and then they watch a television show before bed.

Our latest indulgence? Wipeout on ABC. They really look forward to watching it every Wednesday (it’s on at 8:00).  It’s a big obstacle course.  A difficult obstacle course.  With lots of mud and foam, and tons of falls.  Just watching it makes you flinch and say ‘ow.’  Then, there are the big balls.  Yup, they repeatedly say big balls.  This is a part of the obstacle course that looks like this:

bigredballsI have never seen anybody make it all the way across.  Granted, I haven’t watched every show, but they really get pummelled on this obstacle!

So, anyway, the kids love watching other people fall.  You know, just like when they’re infants and they see somebody trip and fall.  They get a kick out of it!

If you have kids my age, you probably have your ‘go to’ shows, also.  We have some other shows that give mom a little bit of quiet time.  They change pretty frequently.  Right now, we’re on a SpongeBob kick.  Classic.  Then there are a couple of other shows that are not quite as well known.

First, there’s Phineas and Ferb.  I think this show is hysterical!  It’s about two boys on summer vacation and their adventures.  They are always building or doing something crazy, and their older sister Candace is always trying to get them in trouble.  It’s from Disney, and it’s a good watch.

The other show (which is actually pretty good) is Johnny Test.  Really, the general story follows Phineas and Ferb a bit, except the show focuses on the younger brother (and his dog) who has two older sisters who are scientists.  The older sisters are the ones always creating crazy stuff.  And, Johnny Test’s hair is really cool. It’s on Cartoon Network.

So, relax.  Let the kids watch some trash.  Just even it out with some stuff to keep their brains sharp for the summer, and all will be good.

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Two Stories – Same Characters

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I don’t think that I’ve mentioned that True Blood is back.  The first episode of the second season aired this past Sunday on HBO.  Last season I hadn’t read any of the Charlaine Harris books yet.  I was intrigued by the first episode, so I plowed through the (currently 9 book) series.  As I read the first book, I noticed some differences.  But I was OK with that.  I think Alan Ball brings an extra morbid and slightly sicko element to the stories.  :::::I’m about to discuss some differences, so if you haven’t read the first two books, or haven’t seen the first season of True Blood, you might not want to read on:::::::

As I sat and watched Sunday’s episode, I got a little ticked off.  I think that because I really submerged myself in the books for a while there, I felt like I ‘knew’ Sookie and the other characters.  So, when I saw that Jason was starting to dance with the Fellowship of the  Sun, it really got under my skin.  Granted, there were some HUGE differences in the first season compared to the first book.  The whole V (vampire blood being used as a drug) aspect was really a gigantic part of the tv show.  But it didn’t have much of a role in the books.  I have no idea who the woman is that has a past with Sam and Tara is living with.  She wasn’t in any of the books.  And what was with that dungeon in the first episode?  At first I thought it was the dungeon in the bottom of the Texas church from the Fellowship of the Sun that was in the second book.  But towards the end of the show, it was revealed that it was run by vampires.  Hmmmmm.  ::::::::OK, no more spoilers after this:::::::

So, I am very interested to see what direction Alan Ball takes the characters.  It seems like he’s touching on some things that happen in the second book, with the Fellowship of the Sun and Texas.  And yes, there are some  times when I talk to the tv while the show is on.

I think that I will enjoy the series more if I treat it as two different stories.  That’s pretty hard to do, though, because I feel like I know these characters so well.  I’m still gonna watch every darn episode, though.

Oh, one side note.  I saw a clip from the Jimmy Fallon show where Stephen Moyer (who plays Bill Compton) was on.  I really didn’t know anything about him, as an actor.  I was surprised that he had this HUGE English accent!  He’s doing a super fantastic job playing Bill.  I didn’t find the clip from Jimmy Fallon, but here’s a little snippet with Stephen Moyer.  He’s at about the one minute mark:

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Coming Out of Hiding

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Well, my entire life was consumed.

Consumed by, of all things, eight wonderful novels. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been reading the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. Well, for the past week, it’s about ALL I’ve been doing. If you’re looking for a good bunch of books, these are a great read!

I have to say, I am totally in awe of people who can write stories like this. The author, Charlaine Harris, has other books, too. And I’m sure I will eventually get around to reading them. I can’t imagine being able to sit down and weave the stores, characters, settings, and everything else. And this woman is either an extremely talented, creative and dedicated writer OR she’s something supernatural. I am amazed at how she has explored the supernatural, and made up the rules as she went along. Kudos to her!!!

If you don’t know, I’m not really casual about anything. When I start reading something and enjoy it, I jump right in, both feet first. I was walking to the bus stop while reading. I stayed up until 2:00 am many nights so I could finish the book I was on. When something gets my brain going, it takes me over. Needless to say, other areas of my life have suffered. The house is a mess, the kids are ready to kill each other, and I haven’t blogged (sorry) or tended to any of my other online ventures. As I finished book number eight last night, I had a whole mix of emotions. I was sad I was finished reading about Sookie. I was amazed that I got through these eight books while still feeding, clothing and tending to the kids and the restaurant. I was glad that I was going to go back to ‘normal’ life. Then it happened.

I went to the Charlaine Harris’ website. Yeah, there’s another one coming out next month. I pre-ordered Dead and Gone today. No big deal. What’s one more book, right? Um, WRONG! If you look under the bibliography on her website, you’ll see that there are quite a few books with short stories about Sookie (these stories sort of fill in the gaps). Yeah. Now I have to read those, too. I ordered one from Amazon. There is the great possibility that I will read the collection of short stories, find another author that is fantastic, and discover another five thousand books I want to read.

Oh well. The kids know how to get cereal for themselves.

If you remember, the whole reason I started reading this series was that it’s the inspiration for True Blood on HBO. I really enjoyed the first season of the series, and from what I understand, the second season is supposed to start this June. However, the series and the books are completely different. Well, not completely. Many of the characters are the same. But things happen differently. I’m not going to give out any spoilers here, but let’s just say I’m curious about what direction Alan Ball is going for the second season. I’ll probably enjoy the series. I may quite possibly enjoy it even more, because I’ll be so into the differences.

Anyway, for now, it’s back to my little spot here in Collier Township, PA and out of Bon Temps, Louisiana. And I’ll write more.


My plan is to go on over to my friend Barb’s site, Barb’s Bookshelf, and post something on the forums over there. Many of the members there use CafePress, Zazzle,, and other POD’s (that’s Print-On-Demand for those who don’t know). They’re uber awesome, and make up a large portion of who I like to call my ‘online friends.’

And they’re frickin’ funny!

OK, I’m gonna catch up on some of that housework. The girls are at the neighbor’s house, running through a sprinkler. Yup, it’s April and it’s 86 degrees right now. But I’m not complaining.

Have a gerat weekend!

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