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Crazy Life

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Well, I definitely haven’t kept up on blogging in a while. But I’ll let you know what’s going on. First of all, I’m trucking along with t-shirts and such at CafePress and Zazzle. Sales keep coming in (although February hasn’t been as fantastic as December and January). I’m so glad I can do work there instead of having to leave the house! Thank God for the internet!!!

In other news, I think I may have already mentioned that we bought a bar/restaurant. Well, things are moving along. Our liquor license went up in the window a few weeks ago, and we had our interview with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board on Tuesday. Our agent sort of hinted that everything probably won’t go thru until May or so. But at least that gives us some time to get everything together. Going in, I knew there would be a lot of work to do, but something new always seems to pop up. I feel like I’m pregnant with a restaurant. You can do all you want to prepare, but you won’t really know what life is going to be like until it’s actually here. I’m working on setting up the website (slowly), and we will eventually have a blog there also. The site will be (but there’s nothing there right now). I have, however, set up a page on myspace…so come and be our friend! Our profile is at

Oh, and this picture is from the day they posted our liquor license. Oh, by the way, I don’t think I’ve mentioned the location….It’s in Robinson Township in the West Way Shoppes on Route 60…where Jabby Joe’s is now. More to come…

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Great Restaurant!!!

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So, the hubby and I actually got a date night on Monday. We went down to Market Square to check out a restaurant called
Ciao Baby. I love their logo/slogan. (It’s a big kiss mark, and the tag line is ‘Passionate Cuisine.’ If you can’t see the pic). I guess it’s been around for a couple of years, but we had just recently heard about it. The owner’s wife was chatting with my hubby, and suggested that we try it out. Plus, Tony (my hubby) is in a good position to send people to different restaurants, seeing that he’s a bartender at the Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt.

Anyway, we went. And even though Market Square isn’t exactly where it should be yet, the restaurant was beautiful. Marble bar, beautiful fixtures and nice colors inside. Great service…we had a bottle of Shoofly Shiraz, an eggplant appetizer (which was INCREDIBLE!!! The marinara sauce was the best EVER), and I had pasta with a vodka cream sauce, salmon and asparagus (also extremely yummy). Tony had one of the specials which was duck in a blueberry/Chambord reduction. The bite that I had was quite good. So, very good restaurant. I wish that downtown (aka dahn tahn) would become a little bit more of a hub. Not that I get the chance to go out all that much. Once a month, if I’m lucky. But I think that next month I’ll go back to Ciao Baby.

Afterwards, we headed more towards home, and stopped at Fertie’s in Carnegie. My 2 sister-in-laws used to work there when it was the IronHorse and Sammy Alexander’s. They prettied up the inside a bit…ceramic floors and a new bar…some flat screen tv’s. Of course, it was Monday night, so it wasn’t very busy. All in all, it felt a lot like it used to…which means I wasn’t extremely impressed. But it’s nice to have an OK place to stop in Carnegie other than the Pour House for a drink.


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