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Chantix Sucks!

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Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted. Let me fill you in on the Chantix. Um, it was absolutely positively no good. Here’s how it went:

Friday (Sept 5th) I started taking the starter pack, which puts the drug into your system gradually. Monday (the 8th) I went to work, and I don’t know what was up my @ss that day, but I wore heels. Later that afternoon my knees were hurtin’ something fierce. I chalked it up to the heels and the cooler weather. Wednesday I woke up (at the lovely, regular time of 6:40!!) and opened my mouth to brush my teeth. This crazy pain shot into my jaw. Sort of like an ice pick going into my ear. I thought it was odd, but I had shit to do. I had to get the troops ready. As I was drinking my coffee (smoking my cig), I remembered to take my morning Chantix. Literally, as the pill was going down my throat, a light bulb went off in my head. “Huh, I wonder if this crazy pain that’s happening every 10 minutes is related to this pill?”

So, I hop online and check the Chantix website. No mention of jaw pain as a side effect. Well, then I Google it. I read stories about joint pain and jaw pain, and one man who complained of jaw pain, walked out his front door and dropped dead. Needless to say, I stopped taking the Chantix. I called the doc and told them the story. They called me back with “We talked to the pharmacist and he read the insert. There’s no mention of jaw pain.” Wow, thanks. But did I not tell you that I can read, and I already know that it’s not listed as a side effect? So, I bitched out politely told the nurse that I would either call her in 2 days and tell her that it WAS the Chantix, or I’d call her in 2 days to look at my frickin’ jaw.

Then I talked to my father, who reminded me that jaw pain is a symptom of having a heart attack. Which completely freaked my out and I totally over reacted and contemplated the fact that I could drop dead at any second. I drank a ton of water, took some aspirin and clung to life.

So, the point is, I guess Chantix does work great for some. But if you get the funky symptoms that I got, get the hell off of it. Quickly.

In other news, we (the kids and I) went to Rock the Quarry (a fundraiser for the Panhandle Trail) on Saturday. The kids had a blast, even though we got rained on a little bit. My SIL won $200 in the duck race, and we all ate too many snow cones. But the cutest thing was Chloe. She SOOOOO wanted to work at the ‘Beer Store’ that Aunt Mary and Aunt Missy were at. She sat in a chair behind the table and was just itching to help. She kept asking me if I wanted a beer, and told me that I needed to be her ‘cutomer.’ She did end up helping, taking money from the customers and handing back change. She desperately wanted to pour a beer, and reached her fat little hand up when Mary would pour a draft. It was just really darn cute.

And here is the whole thing that really motivated me to write on this blog tonight.

Yet Another Bush Jr. Jersey T-Shirt

Um, is that t-shirt not just hysterical? I saw it on the CafePress blog in bumper sticker form. I really don’t buy political stuff (Well, except for my Onorato’s a Jagoff t shirt, but that’s more personal). I think this one might get bought.

OK, happy day!

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Just an update

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Just thought that I’d let everybody know that my letter never received any kind of response from anybody official. I sent that letter not only to Dan Onorato, but to all of Allegheny County Council. And I didn’t sent it as one big ol’ spammy email. I sent it to each person as an individual. So, my final thought on that is…how annoying.

In other news, I didn’t think it was exactly appropriate to post this on the Downey’s House Blog, so I posted it here. This is just a little message to the two ladies (and I’m using that term VERY loosely) who attempted to destroy the pictures of my children.

Oh wait…you didn’t hear this story. Let me back up. Seems that there was a table of women in their late twenties in the restaurant last Wednesday. Long story short, they were tipsy and acting suspicious. They took the picture of Chloe (located in the ladies’ room) off the wall and put it in the garbage. That picture was rescued by Tony (DH). Later, they went into the ladies room and tore the picture of Becca off the wall, ripped the print out and crumpled it up. Um, WTF?!?!?! Tony had some very choice, loud swear words for these chicks. They are barred. (and just in case you didn’t know, you only get barred from Downey’s House once). They then proceeded to walk out on their tab. I’m going to leave all of the loud, adult, descriptive conversation out of this post. The police did send these ladies citations. I have to say, that if I was at the bar when this happened, I might have gone all crazy on these chicks. I mean, taking a picture off the wall as a joke or on a dare is one thing. But if you touch the pictures of my kids, you life is seriously in danger. Just had to share. Oh, and my message for them is that I hope I can see how karma gets them back. Karma has a great way of taking care of bad people.

Have a great weekend!

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Dear Dan Onorato

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Dear Dan Onorato and Allegheny County Council,

You don’t know me. My husband and I bought a restaurant/bar in May. You are ruining our family.

‘What?!?!?.’ you might ask. Well, let me explain a bit. We are living my husband’s dream. He has always wanted to own a bar. He and I put our time in working for others in restaurants. Once we got married, purchased our home and had our children, this was what we concentrated on…our own place. We worked hard, did our research and took a gigantic risk. Our restaurant, Downey’s House is truly a labor of love. It is a family affair. We are partners with my husband’s brother and wife. The place is comfortable, not corporate. We are straight up and law abiding. We become friends with our customers and truly love what we do. So far, no problems, right? Think again and read on.

As we were getting into the business, we saw the Allegheny County Drink Tax come into play. Now, I’m the numbers person in our operation. I didn’t let my head think about the numbers before we were actually ‘in business.’ As we opened the doors and started selling, my head had to go to the numbers. Because we opened at the very end of May, I knew the true test would be our June Drink Tax. I paid a few hundred dollars for May and placed the Drink Tax in the back of my mind.

In the mean time, our business was chugging along. It’s hard. Tony and I have two small children, Rebecca (5) and Chloe (3). We hired his sister to watch the girls three days a week so I could come to the restaurant to do the administrative work. Tony was at the restaurant a minimum of 12 hours a day. I believe that after opening on May 27th, his first day off was Father’s Day, June 15th. But Tony was happy being at the bar. He was on cloud nine.

At home, the kids missed their dad. A lot. And, quite honestly, I missed my husband. But we knew that the first year would be rough. We aren’t just owners. We are owner/operators. We were not blind to the fact that it would take a lot of work and a lot of hours. June came and went, and the day to figure out the taxes was here. After I wrote out a check for about $2,000, I just about threw up. July comes and goes. Today I sent in my check for about $3,000. Those amounts would make the normal person assume that we are having fantastic sales, and therefore rollin‘ in it. Um, not the case. But that’s not the point. I started to think about what my business could do with an extra two or three thousand dollars a month. The first thing that came to mind was not to give ourselves a raise. I thought ‘Wow, I could hire a manager to run the bar a few days a week. I would actually get some family time back!”

Would I like to see the drink tax go away? Absolutely. But even a little bit of consideration would be nice. The Drink Tax is a very large, bitter pill to swallow. It might be a little bit less bitter if it were 5%. From what I’ve read, it seems that you’ve already collected the money you needed for the Port Authority. I don’t believe it is necessary to continue to bleed the small businesses that give Allegheny County its character and individuality. It doesn’t seem to me that politicians are creative people. But I ask you, dig deep and tap into the creativity that is inside you to come up with another solution other than the Drink Tax. To say that it is the Drink Tax or Property Tax is simply absurd. Think outside the box.

And maybe I’ll get my family time back.

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