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Here are a few random thoughts that have been circling my brain:

33 more days until school starts Just sayin’

I’m sold – Eating breakfast really is a good idea Yesterday I actually ate breakfast.  Not my typical “Oh, I’ve been awake for two hours drinking coffee, maybe I should grab a granola bar” breakfast.  I had eggs and toast.  Right after I woke up.  And you know what?  I actually had energy.  All day.  Even though Becca had woke me up at 5 am complaining that she felt icky.  I had so much energy that I thought about starting the exercise DVDs that have been sitting in my house for a month.

The ones that were sitting on top of a table, looking at me, taunting me.  So, I did what any other busy, suburban mom would do.  I stuck the DVDs in a drawer, so they would stop looking at me.  Did I actually start those DVDs yesterday?  Well, no.  But I will.  Really.

To skydive or not to skydive If you’re my friend on facebook, you may have seen the great skydiving debate.  I have the opportunity to go skydiving.  The day after my 40th birthday.  It’s on the bucket list.  I’ve had people tell me to do it, and I’ve had people tell me not to do it.  The reason that people gave me not to do it is the same reason I’m having problems…the kids.  Officially, I’m still undecided.  But, I think that my mommy guilt will win out.  I’m thinking that skydiving around my 50th birthday might work a little better.  The girls will be 15 and 17 then, and they could survive without their mom.

Dog hair has taken over my house I’m really amazed at the amount of dog hair!!!  (Especially because, when we got Rex, the breeder pointed out that he was half poodle so he wouldn’t shed.  That was a big ol’ bunch of bullshit.) The new leather couch is like a dog hair magnet.  And, all you dog experts out there, are there a couple of times a year when the shedding is extra bad?  I’ve never owned a dog as an adult until Rex, so I’m sort of a rookie in this area!

True Blood Just wanted to mention that I have been THOROUGHLY enjoying the new season of True Blood.  I like how it’s sticking to the books, but added the whole “werewolves on V” thing.  And even though Tara’s ‘boyfriend’ has come into the picture a little early, I’m liking it.

Well, these were things that were all going to get their own posts, but I just didn’t have enough stuff to say about them.  Or time.  Or energy.  You get it.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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OK, I just finished watching The Office, and I loved it. But I just had to say that when Jim pulled that ring out for Pam, I got all smiley and happy. Yes, I realize that this is a FICTIONAL television show. But how sweet. And then, their little scene towards the end was cute, too. Down on one knee…my heart stopped for Pam. Tying his shoe? Hysterically laughing. OK, just had to share.

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