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More Buckets, But Not a List

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I’m going to preface this post with one thought:  I love my husband and I think he’s great.  Wouldn’t trade him for anything.

OK, now on with the complaining:

The other day, while Chloe was at preschool, I was tackling the dreaded ‘to-do’ list.  It was about an hour before I had to leave to get her, and I still had to shower.  Next on the list?  Mopping the kitchen floor.  No problem.  I can sweep and mop the floor in about twenty minutes.  I sweep.  I decide that I’ll have a smoke while the bucket is filling with water.  I get the Spic-and-Span, the mop and…and…where the hell is the bucket?

I usually keep it in the laundry room.  With the mop.  Mops and buckets should go together, right?  The laundry room is not all that big, but I rifle through it…searching.  Not there.  I vaguely remembered that Tony had it in his hand over the weekend.  I believe he was feeding his plants.  OK, fine.  I go to the garage.  I see gardening stuff, but no bucket.  I look all around.  Nothing.  I go outside.  Search the backyard.  Nothing.

Now I’m pissed.  We have ONE bucket for this household.  (I’m assuming that the other bucket we USED to have is now property of Downey’s House).  I start slamming doors.  Tony was at work until 3 am, so he’s not awake.  I have to sneak into the bedroom anyway, because I need to get out of the clothes that I wore the entire day before, and kept on to take the kids to school.  So, I slam some drawers.

Me: “Oh, are you up?”

Tony:  “uuhhhhhhhhhh.”

Me:  “Well, since you’re up, do you happen to know where the bucket is?”

Tony:  “What do you need the bucket for?”

Me:  “Um, I mop the floor every two weeks.  Who do you think does it?  The Floor Fairy?”

Tony:  “It’s in the garage.  In the extra garbage can.  In a box.  Under the car seats.”

Yeah, I didn’t happen to look THERE!  So, now I’m running late.  But I get the floor done and myself showered.  Everything is good again.  But it made me feel like he has absolutely NO IDEA what I do in this house.  Maybe he does.  He was in a dead sleep, so I guess I have to cut him a little slack.

Speaking of mopping, I think that I’ve caused a problem.  Every time I mop, SOMEBODY spills SOMETHING on the floor THE VERY DAY I MOP IT.  This time?  Becca spilled her can of Coke during dinner.  I really expect it to happen every time.  And that’s why I think it’s happening.  Because I expect it.  How about you?

P.S.  I love you, Tony :)  <3

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My friend Jenn was in town this week.  I was happy to get a visit from her on Tuesday, and to meet her (and some other friends) out for dinner.  She currently lives in North Carolina, and is trying to move back to Pittsburgh.  Well, I don’t really need to tell you the story, because you can go and read about it.  The Post Gazette wrote an article about her and her husband.  Go ahead, go and read it.  It will open in a new window for ya.  Shoo.

OK, did you read it?  So now you know her story.  She’s really having a tough time finding a job here.  But she really wants to come back.

Pittsburgh is funny like that.  There are Pittsburghers everywhere.  All over the country.  But they still consider themselves Pittsburghers.  Forever.

My folks are in Florida.  They are Pittsburghers.  They drive to Ft. Lauderdale so they can go to Primanti’s (although, they say it’s not the same, but close).  They get excited when they find Iron City.  When my Mom comes to visit, I always have Islay’s chipped ham and Mancini’s bread.  It’s what they love, and what (other than their flesh and blood) connects them to their roots.

I am happy I live here.  I’m happy I never had to leave.  I’m comfortable with my kids being raised here.  I love the sense of community.  I love the hills.  Hell, I even love it when people say “dahn tahn” and “dahn arahn the way.”  And I love yinz guys.

I’ve shared my goals with you.  There will come a day, when my girls are grown and I am a grandma, that I will live on the beach.  I envision myself in a large, floppy hat.  I’ll be sitting in a chair, under an umbrella with my computer on my lap and my toes in the sand.  Tony, with his grey hair and loud Hawaiian print shirt, will walk down and say he’s headed to the golf course, and he’ll meet me for lunch.  After he gives me a quick kiss, I’ll sip my coffee and look out at the waves. I’ll have an overwhelming feeling of calm and happiness.

But I’ll still be a Pittsburgher at heart.

Hey…I can dare to dream, right?

So hey, if anybody has a job for Jenn or her hubby, let me know!  They really, really, really want to be able to have Primantis or chipped ham whenever they feel the urge :)

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I’ve mentioned the Law of Attraction before, and the role it has played in my life.

But now it’s starting to get weird.

I’ve been reading up again on some LOA stuff.  I find that if I brush up every six months or so, I stay on track with knowing what my goals are and staying focused on those goals.  A few years back (three, maybe?), when I first read The Secret, I put something out there, and I never told anybody about it.  Being the logical, naturally skeptical person that I am, I decided to give the law of attraction a few tests.  When I would think about it, I would use it for a great parking space, a short line at the store or green lights while driving.  One big thing that I threw out there was a feather.  More specifically, I pictured a very large bright pink feather laying on the ground.  I thought, OK, if this stuff really works, this bright pink feather will come into my life.  Just one feather.

Fast forward to October 31, 2009.  After a night at a neighbor’s party, I woke up and came down into my kitchen to a) take three ibuprofen and b) drink some coffee.  And I saw it.  One very large and very bright pink feather laying on my counter.  I was so, well, hungover that I didn’t make the connection right away.  Later that afternoon, when Tony was awake, it hit me.

“Where the hell did this huge pink feather come from?” I asked.  He said that Mary, his sister (who had dressed as an American Indian) gave it to him for the girls.  It had fallen out of her costume.  Then I told Tony about the whole Law of Attraction/pink feather story.


Two days later, we were sitting in the basement.  The girls were playing and Tony and I were watching television.  I knew that my neighbor would be stopping by to pick up her son’s special cup that he had left at our house that afternoon.  It was about fifteen minutes before she said she would be there, and I looked at Tony and asked if he thought we would hear the doorbell down in the basement.  Right exactly after I said that?



The next day, I was on the telephone with Tony (he was at work).  I had been forgetting to tell him about a band that wanted to play at the bar.  While I was talking to him (about something completely different), the thought of this band hit me like a ton of bricks.  I told him to stop whatever he was telling me, I HAD to tell him about this band–I’d been forgetting for a week!.  I sat at the computer to sift through my emails and get this man’s phone number.  As I started my email program and it checked for new mail, I got an email from this guy!  The time stamp was just a minute earlier…when that overwhelming feeling hit me like a ton of bricks.

I’ve decided that i don’t believe in coincidence anymore.  EVERYTHING happens for a reason….even if I don’t really know what that reason might be.

On a side note, the non-smoking me is doing very well.  Although I may become addicted to dum-dum suckers and double bubble gum.  Oh well :)

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My Self Help Shelf

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Over the past 5 or so years, I’ve read a bunch of self help books.  It started with The Secret, then I continued reading a bunch of Law of Attraction books.  I found the whole thing fascinating.  I tried some of the things I read about, and gosh darn it, this stuff seemed to work.

Only here’s one thing I’ve discovered.  You can read as many self help books as you can fit into a day.  It just won’t do too much if you don’t follow the instructions.  My head is full of all different kinds of things that I’d like to try.  But trying them out can be difficult.  I get so used to what I HAVE to do every day, fulfilling responsibilities and what not, that it’s hard to introduce something new into my daily routine.  The good side of this?  I haven’t had time time or energy to start drinking in the middle of the day ;)  But it does seem that my life is at one of those plateaus, and I’m not going to go any further ‘up’ if I don’t change something.

That brings me to a book that I had the chance to review.  The title of the book is “You Can Break-Free Fast ” (you can visit the website at  This has a little thing in it called EFT and tapping.  It was a pretty interesting read, and was backed up by some research at Pitt.  I think that this whole ‘tapping’ thing could be something that really helps you reach into your ‘inner’ brain and memories.  If I could remember to fit it into my schedule on a regular basis, it could really be something helpful.

I’m sure I’ll get there.  I did try it out…I thought about quitting smoking, did the tapping, and my memory flashed back to a day in high school.  I really think it was the day I truly decided to become a smoker.  And it’s funny, I don’t really remember a lot of specific details about times in high school.  But when I did this, I remembered a lot of specific details.  Crazy.

I enjoyed reading this book, though.  And I’ll try to squeeze some of the stuff into my life.  Really.

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Vibes From Beyond

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I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandmother lately.  Let me give you a little history about her, and then I’ll tell you all the things that have happened.  I think these things have happened BECAUSE I’ve been thinking about her, but maybe she’s sending me some sort of sign?  Who knows.


Anyway, my grandmother was an awesome lady.  She had four children, and her oldest child is my dad.  She lived most of her adult life in the six unit apartment building that her mother owned.  She was an incredible pre school teacher, great artist and fun chick.  I lovingly referred to her as ‘old lady.’  And she didn’t mind it.  In fact, I think she enjoyed it.  Which is why she was so cool.  Her kids were scattered throughout the country.  Her two daughters moved to California when they were adults, and her son moved to Wisconsin, where his wife is from.  My dad hung around here in Pittsburgh until he retired (I think that was twelve years ago).  That’s when he headed to Florida.  So for a long time, my brother and I were her only ‘kids’ around town.    She had been a very independent woman, but had developed macular degeneration and had become legally blind.  She could see a little, but couldn’t really see any detail.  Once an avid reader and crossword puzzle expert, she had to start listening to audio books. She would still cook and bake, and had some awesome cookies (supplied my wedding cookies, too!) It drove her crazy that she couldn’t just get in the car and go!  So, every two weeks, I would take her to the grocery store.  We would hang out and chat.  She had become one of my best friends, and when something important or exciting happened to me, I’d call Tony first, then I’d call Gram.

When my great grandmother died, the apartment building went to my great aunt, who also lived in the building.  My gram and her sister were extremely close.  When my great aunt passed a few years later, the building went to her son and it was sold.  Gram wasn’t too happy about all that.  I got her all set up in a senior center close to where I lived.  We had to wait a few months until the unit would be ready, so she went down to Florida to live with my parents for the winter.  Tragically, on January 2, 2003, she was killed in a pedistrian accident.  She never got to meet my kids, but I know she’s watching.  I have these two rocks.  Or maybe they’re chunks of glass or something.  (no sharp edges, don’t worry, but I don’t really know what they are!) Anyway, they sat in her potted plant for years – they were a gift from my aunt.  I put one in each of my kids’ rooms.  I told the kids that if they were ever scared to not worry…that rock would protect them.  I told them that my grandmother could see them through there, and hear them if they talked to her.  Becca asked me a bunch of questions about Gram, and I answered them.  She talks to her/the rock every now and again.

So, the vibes.  My cousin had a baby a few months ago, and named him Graham.  I was told that the choice in names was for ‘Gram.’  (If  it had been girl, I also heard she was supposed to be ‘Stella’ – Gram’s name).  That’s when it all started.  I started dreaming about my grandmother and where she lived.  Her birthday was ten days ago.  Out of the blue, my aunt called – I haven’t talked to her in years.  It was great talking to her!  I think she’s picking up on some vibes, too.  Then, I googled Tony’s name (looking for pics from a photographer that was at the VIP party at the Dave Matthews concert).  What did I come across?  Gram’s obituary that ran in Wisconsin.  (and now, when I google Tony’s name, I can’t find it…I had to look for it directly)  My kids wanted ice cream at Costco the other day.  They picked a variety pack, which had 18 of those nutty buddy ice cream cones.  They were Gram’s favorites.

Maybe all these things are happening because I’ve been thinking about her and putting those vibes out there.  Maybe it’s the other way around, and I’m thinking about her because of all these things.  Who knows.  But I DO know that I’m glad I still can feel her presence, even if it is just in my heart.

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