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Spring Love In Bloom

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About a month ago, all Chloe could do was complain about “Dylan.” She would get off the bus and complain that “Dylan is SO loud! Dylan gets on my nerves! I hate Dylan! Blah, blah, blah.

About two weeks after that, she stepped off the bus, looked up at me with a crooked-teeth smile and asked, “Mom, can I have a play date with Dylan?”

“I thought you didn’t like Dylan?” I said.


My brain thought, “Oh shit, here we go.”

So, I told her that I didn’t have a phone number for Dylan (a small white lie, I suppose I could have looked it up in the directory). A week later she was home with a phone number. So, I guess I have to set up a time to hang out with Dylan.

Under strict parental supervision.

Her teacher even said that she can see that they’ve been very buddy-buddy. It’s quite cute. He’s cute. She’s cute.

It’s a big ol’ bucket of cute.

And hopefully not a glimpse into the future I’m gonna have to deal with.

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Spring Fever

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We were blessed with a couple of beautiful (well, beautiful for February in Pittsburgh) days on Thursday and Friday.  I had originally planned on taking my kids to the zoo on Friday, because they had a teacher in-service day.  But, sometimes life throws you curve balls.  I guess that your happiness all depends on how you react to those curve balls.

Thursday started as a regular (but warm) day.  I threw the kids on the bus and headed home to do some work.  About a half an hour later, I got a call from my friend.  He had to drop something off to the school that his daughter had forgotten.  He said that the school smelled like gas, and there were fire trucks and ambulances.  He said he was taking his daughter home.  Well, I wrestled back and forth with the decision, and finally decided to just yank mine out of school, too.  I didn’t want them sitting and getting nauseous, and if they ended up with an early dismissal, I figured I would beat the rush.

Well, long story short, I got my kids, all my neighbors got their kids, and they moved all the other children over to the middle school to just kill time all day.  Me?  I took the kids to the zoo a day early.  It was 65 degrees, sunny, and we decided to have fun with our curve ball.

We had a great day.  There was hardly anybody at the zoo, and we got to watch the animals for as long as we wanted.  The kids were in a great mood, and there was absolutely no complaining or whining. (Well, there was the occasional, “Are we there yet???”  But I don’t even really hear those anymore).

Usually I make sure that I leave the zoo in plenty of time to beat the traffic.  But that day?  It just didn’t matter.  Traffic, schmaffic.  As we headed home, we talked about getting close to home and stopping for ice cream.  I drove home through Lawrenceville and the Strip, and I followed through on something I had been meaning to do…Stop at Klavons Ice Cream.  I’ve driven past it a bunch of times, but never actually stopped.  The kids enjoyed sitting at the counter, and they got to pick out some classic candy.  I even got some of those little jaw breakers in a box.  Love those.  I remember paying 10 cents at a basketball game for them.  Well, they’re a quarter now…which is perfect…because I got to say “Hey, when I was little these were only ten cents.”

If I have to get old, I wanna do all the old people stuff I can.

I’ve really been trying to live in the moment, and enjoy every single day.  It wasn’t hard that day.  So I figure, next time I’m having a hard time enjoying my day, I’ll just close my eyes and think about our trip to the zoo.

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Christmas Hangover

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Well, Christmas has come and gone. The kids had a great time. They are convinced that they WEREN’T on the naughty list because “we got tons of presents.” I hope this isn’t the last year I get to pull off this charade. As stressful and time consuming as it is, it sure is fun to watch them open everything.

Santa, however, didn’t get the best gift. I saved that for Mom and Dad. We got them each their own Nintendo DSi’s. But they got lots of other stuff that was a big hit, too. They got Bop It, which they have played with a bunch. Yahtzee, to take me back to my childhood. A game called Pictureka, which was fun. There’s an easy bake oven, moon dough, a crayon maker, Orbeez…the list goes on.

I’m looking forward to this week of just hanging out and playing some family games. We’re headed to see The Chronicles of Narnia in 3D at the theater today. They really enjoyed the first two (we watched them last week). I have a feeling, though, that as soon as I get them to start sleeping in, we’ll have to head back to school…

Hope everybody enjoyed their holidays!!!!!

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Mmmm…Girl Scout Cookies

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Just a little heads up…the girls (my girls) will be selling Girl Scout cookies starting January 7th. I’m going to get something set up online through facebook and this blog so you can order online. I’m even going to look into how much shipping would be (I’m hoping not TOO bad through the flat rate program they have at the post office.)

Now, we can’t start selling yet, but I’ll scream it out to the world on January 7th. We have a lot of cookies to sell, especially because there are TWO girls I need to sell for.

Nothing beats frozen thin mints.


Just sayin’

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We’re knee deep in Christmas spirit.

Although today is December 1st, I’m not finished with the Christmas shopping.  HOWEVER, I did get done shopping for the kids, and some of the other gifts.  I’m completely happy with my progress so far.  I bought a huge bag of Hershey kisses, just waiting for some store bought peanut butter cookie dough (yeah, close enough for me).  On Saturday, the girls and I cuddled and watched A Christmas Story.  The girls picked it, and that made me happy :)  Let me share this with you:

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Anyway, we had a great time.

Yesterday, we went to Build-A-Bear. I had promised to take them a couple of weeks ago, if they were good. Well, they weren’t exactly stellar, which explains the two weeks between “saying” and “going.” They were totally stoked about getting Rudolph and Clarice. Here’s a picture of them waiting for Santa:

Then, I took one of them on their own. There is one of Chloe by herself, and then there’s this:

I took the picture, looked at it, and literally LOL-ed.

They weren’t exactly dressed to get for the official Santa picture, but they did want to go and see the big guy.  So, we waited in line a bit and it was their turn.  Chloe wasn’t sure what she was going to ask for.  Becca knew exactly what she was asking for…a DSi.  I asked Chloe if SHE wanted a DSi, and explained that if Becca got one, she surely would want to play with one, too.  She said “no.”  Well, tough shit for her…she’s getting one.

So, they get on the lap and start chatting.  Becca very politely said that she would like “A DSi and a couple of games, please.”  Chloe just froze.  She changed the subject, explaining all the stockings that we hung to Santa (one for the dog, one for the fish).  He asked her what she wanted, and she said “a ball.”


She then added that she would just like some surprises, too.  Had to write about it, because I NEVER want to forget that evening.  Never.

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