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Some Twisted Holiday Thoughts

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On this, Black Friday, I’ve created my first Christmas design. Did I go shopping today? Um..NO!!! I spent the day in my comfy clothes at home with the kids. That was after waking up at 2 am to down some Pepto. I’m not used to eating all that food!!! But it was good. Anyway, here’s the design for today. I hope it doesn’t offend anybody (um, I guess it might offend somebody who’s a hoe, but who would really admit it?)

Hoe, Hoe, Ho Ho Ho!

As usual, it’s available on shirts, mugs, hats and more. I made a greeting card, also. I think that would be great to send out to the family!!! It’s also available at Zazzle. Hope everybody had a great turkey day!!! Get your shopping done :)

OK, New Christmas/Pittsburgh design

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Hey, here’s the latest. And just in time for Christmas. I think that the design looks great on a greeting card or ornament (I’ve included both pics), but it’s also available on shirts, mugs and the like. This idea has been brewing around in my head for a while, but I couldn’t exactly decide what I wanted it to look like. I’m pretty happy with it…and proud of my lights on the tree. Well, without any further babbling, here it is:


A design for the divas!

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OK, here’s another design from my brain. I probably would not wear this shirt, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s funny!!! And, I actually know plenty of people who either a) should wear this shirt or b) would wear this shirt. So here it is. It says “I wish I could be you so I could be friends with me.”

Clicking the above picture will take you to the available products on CafePress. You can also purchase it at Zazzle, which offers some different products.

On an unrelated note…the Steelers got lucky today, and pulled it out in the second half. It made me happy. And, I actually got to watch the game without TOO MANY interruptions from the kids.


More Thanksgiving Lint

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Ok, another new Thanksgiving design. This one is all about being sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner. Hell, I’m sleepy as soon as I wake up. But Tryptophan will make it worse! Go and get yours so you can wear it to dinner! It says “Team Tryptophan. Serious Eating, Serious Sleeping”

I’m working on anther Thanksgiving design…maybe something more sweet, like a Thanksgiving Prayer? It’s just so cute when my daughter says it. Gotta see if there’s a copyright on it. OK…GO STEELERS!!! My hubby will be at the game tonight. But I’ll be watching it from my warm and cozy couch.


New Thanksgiving Thoughts

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OK, here’s my newest design. This one has been floating around in my head for a while, and I finally got around to putting it together. It’s available on lots of stuff…yard signs, coasters, magnets…you name it!

Give Thanks Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Food, Family and Football. Those are the three biggest things I think about on Thanksgiving. Well, and parades….hmmm…new shirt? Oh, and it won an award on Zazzle (today’s best). Here’s the link:
Thanksgiving shirt

Thanksgiving by hdowney Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

Happy Monday!