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It’s All Downhill From Here, Right?

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Well, everything is different now.  first, I have to go over to the ‘about me’ page and change “almost 40″ to “40.”  I had about a bazillion people wish me a happy birthday, and it felt great.  What didn’t feel so great?  The hangover I had for my entire 40th birthday.  BUT, it was a lot of fun getting to that hangover.  Lemmie give you the deets:

Friday, the 2oth, was the day that I was getting to celebrate.  Now, I knew that we were having friends over that evening for a deck party.  Tony told me to take the day to myself and be back by 6:00.  Hey, I wasn’t going to fight him on that!  I left the house, and headed to lunch.  I had a nice, quiet, lunch at Friday’s.  No kids bugging me, asking when the food was coming.  I sat at the bar.  It was fantastic.

Next, I headed to the bookstore.  And I didn’t look at one children’s book.  Again, awesome.  Peaceful.  Off to Kohl’s.  I got a piece of art for my new, grown up walls and a new pair of shades.  I poked around the new Kirkland’s that opened near me, and then off to Target.  I bought all new make up.  Lotions.  Soaps.  (OK, I did buy Play-Doh, but it was the one thing I forgot on the back to school list).  Then I went gambling.  Nothing like playing the slots :)  And you know…even when you go to the Casino with somebody, you always end up splitting up.

So, when I was done I got in the car to go home.  I blared some of my old CD’s (instead of listening to whatever movie the kids are watching).  I listened to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.  Can’t listen to that with kids in the car.

I got home, gathered my new belongings, and headed up the steps.  When I opened the door, bunches of friends were there IN COSTUME to greet me.  They had planed a 70′s themed party.  It was fantastic.  All the kids had tye-dye on, one of our friends wore classic black roller skates, and Tony looked like this:

There was a ton of food, a fantastic tiramisu cake,  a variety of adult beverages, and it was just a darn good time.  Of course, I had TOO MUCH fun.  We played drinking games that I hadn’t played in FOREVER!!!  We played Drug Dealer, we played Flip Cup.  It was all good.  I fell asleep next to Tony, on the deck, about 1:30 in the morning.  He dealt with the kids all night, and then tucked me into bed.  I spent the entire morning of my ACTUAL birthday on the couch.  But the kids did this for me:

I was a slug all day.  About 5:00 I decided that I needed something greasy and spicy to make me feel better.  I ate the most awesome Italian Hoagie with sausage, hot peppers, green peppers and mushrooms.  It DID make me feel better.  A little.  I still felt it a bit on Sunday, but I made it through.

So, 40 years old.  And what happens today?  The kids went to school.  My baby went to kindergarten.  Which made me feel extra old.  And YOU KNOW how much I’ve complained about the fighting.  But I still cried after they got on the bus.  Hmmph.  Go figure.

40?  Not the end of the world.  I’ll take it :)

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I’m Ready, I’m Ready, I’m Ready!

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Tomorrow is the last day of school.  Here’s a list of things I’m ready for:

  • Heading to the matinee
  • Lazy mornings in PJ’s
  • Trips for ice cream
  • The kids splashing in the pool
  • The drive in
  • Riding bikes on the trail
  • Carnivals

Things I’m not looking forward to:

  • “I’m bored!”
  • “She hit me!”
  • “I’m hot!”
  • Keeping their brains working

So, I guess I AM looking forward to summer.  But I also get excited about them going back to school.  Seeing that back to school is 76 days away, I’m just going to enjoy the Summer stuff first.  Then I can get excited about new pencils, glue sticks, teachers and outfits.  I’ve decided that I’m going to take some time to ACT LIKE A KID this summer.  I may even put my bathing suit on once or twice.  Why?  Because this is the last summer that I am IN MY THIRTIES!  I’m going to be carefree (I hope), fun and silly.  I will eat popsicles.  I will draw with chalk.  I will jump rope.  I will teach my kids to do a cartwheel.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not going to be a boring, strict 40 year old.  But I think I’ll suck up the last bit of my thirties, and then get back to ‘the grind’ once I turn 40 and school starts again.


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Well, as I sit here on the last Friday of school, I’m thinking about the summer and the girls going to school in the fall.  I’m very much looking forward to summer.  I love that the girls will sleep in a bit.  No more 6:30 a.m. wake ups.  I love that they can stay up a little later, and they don’t get all crankified. (Yes, I made up a word.)  I love stopping for ice cream, catching an afternoon movie, and visiting with friends and family that we’re too busy to visit with while school is in session.

There are parts of summer that get a little trying, though.  Although Becca and Chloe generally get along, there will be afternoons where they can’t be in the same room together without being mean to each other.  I’m sure there will also be lots of “I’m bored!!!” and “There’s nothing to do!”  I’ll take it though.  I think I’m ready.  But if you talk to me in August, I might be singing a different tune.

My friend Marlo asked me yesterday if I was going to be sad that they are both going to be in school all day come the fall.  You know what?  I’m not.  I don’t mean that in a greedy way, though.  I will definitely miss all our little conversations and cuddles.  And I WILL like to have some time back to myself.  But more than anything, I’m proud of them.  I’m proud of they way the girls became great friends on vacation.  I’m proud of they way they made friends in the pool.  I love that they are buddies, and ready to take on the Primary School as a team. I’m proud that they’re not extremely annoying or mean to other people.

I really think that I will enjoy watching them flourish, watching them make more friends, help people and become more confident.  I’m excited for the unknown that will happen as they grow older.  I will mention, though, that my tune may again change when they are older…like 13 and 15.  I can’t see that being too easy.

Have a great weekend, and GET READY FOR SUMMER!

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Bucket List Revisited

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Well, I’ve finally gotten up the courage to edit my bucket list.  Seeing that I wrote this bucket list back in my early twenties, my priorities have changed a bit.  You can see my bucket list on some previous posts (Bucket List Part 1 and Bucket List Part 2).

So, here’s what I’m removing from my bucket list:

  1. Kill Bill (um, for obvious reasons…and that damn Quentin Tarantino stole my title)
  2. Eat 1 pound of grape jelly beans (don’t enjoy puking)
  3. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone (again, with the killing…but I have succeeded in what it means, not the literal sense)
  4. Meet Brad Pitt. (meh…)
  5. Convince Janelle she’s not fat (haven’t seen her in years…)
  6. Marry a rich man (but like I said, we can still become rich ;) )
  7. Drive on the autobahn (I’ve had my moments of driving 100 mph.  That was enough)

So, I didn’t really take that much off.  Here’s what is still ON the list.  And yes, some of them are pretty odd.  I kept some on just because I figured that if I wanted to do it then, why not just follow through?

  1. Skydiving (I MIGHT do this soon)
  2. Learn to play the harmonica (I’m planning this when I’m retired and not chasing around children)
  3. Ride the skycoaster at Kennywood
  4. Snow skiing
  5. Water skiing
  6. Visit New York City again
  7. Play paintball again
  8. Ride a dolphin
  9. Go to Idaho (hey…why not?)
  10. Blow a bubble bigger than my head
  11. Milk a cow
  12. Surf
  13. Parasail
  14. See Pearl Jam in concert
  15. Build a cool sand castle
  16. Pet a giraffe
  17. See Letterman
  18. Go to Vegas
  19. Learn how to fix a car
  20. Be in a talk show audience
  21. Quit smoking
  22. Go to Fiji
  23. Get a degree
  24. Scuba Diving
  25. Get a bitchin’ car
  26. Be on a tv show
  27. See a volcano
  28. Go to Seattle
  29. Paint a picture

I figure that if I start planning shortly, I can knock out New York City, seeing Letterman and talk show audience all in one.  Now, here’s what I’m adding to the list:

  • Be at my daughters’ graduations/weddings/important life events
  • See my grandkids
  • Live on the beach
  • Either 1. Sell the restaurant or 2. Open another (Neither of these will happen for another three years or so.  I’m not quite sure which one we will ultimately decide on)
  • Accept that I don’t have to be right ALL OF THE TIME!!!
  • Weigh 130 pounds again (this may not happen until I’m in my seventies…..)
  • Develop closer relationships with my family and friends.
  • Hire a cleaning lady
  • Replace everything in my house that is stained from the kids and dog
  • Stop screaming at the kids so much
  • Make enough money to afford all this crap

That’s what is in my brain right now.  I may add more.  I may take some off.  I should have my associates degree in December.  I’ll keep you posted on any updates ;)

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I really should think things through sometimes.  Quite often, I act on impulse and deal with the consequences later.  :::sigh:::

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