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Snip, Snip

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Well, Chloe gave herself a hair cut.

I’ll start by saying that it could have been worse.  I actually didn’t notice for a few hours.  (And I’m gonna apologize right now for not having any pictures) Here’s how it went down:

Our niece came over to visit with her two sons (the new one is just nine weeks old, super cute, and slept the whole visit).  Anyway, the girls were playing with their cousin, and they started to play school.  Outside.  Well, fine.  I saw Chloe walk by with a pair of safety scissors in her hand.  My magic mom sense told me that I should definitely question that.  So, I asked her just what exactly she was going to do with those scissors.  She told me that she was going to cut some paper.  Then, just following my gut (or maybe putting an idea in her head), I asked, “You’re not going to cut your hair with those scissors, are you?”  I just had a feeling.  She told me, “no.”  I made her promise, and she did.

They were playing school, we were chatting.  It was pretty hot outside that day, and the girls dug out the (extremely overpriced) spray fan that we got at Disney World.  They were spraying their faces and head to keep cool.

Fast forward to a couple of hours later.  I went out on the deck, and sat down in our little love seat.  As I look at the cushion next to me, I see a tuft of hair, at just about “Chloe-head” level.  So, I yell to Chloe.  She stands in front of me and I ask her, “Chloe, did you cut your hair?”

{{{{crickets chirping}}}}}

“Chloe, did you cut your hair?!?!?!?!”

First, about five seconds of  “deer in headlights.”

Then, screaming, crying, and “I’m sorry, mom!”

I grabbed the brush and started checking out exactly how bad it was.  She cut the sides, which WAS over her ears.  Not any more.  I laid a guilt trip on her, told her that Jess (our hairdresser) was going to be very disappointed, and that her head looked wacky.  Through the tears, she said to me, “I **sniff, sniff** didn’t know **sniff, sniff* that it wouldn’t **sniff, sniff** LOOK PRETTY!!!!!”

HA!  I had to chuckle a little.  So, she went to school the next day with everything tucked behind her ears.  We took her to Jess (at Hot Heads Hair Design) today, and I think I like the way she fixed it better than the original haircut.

Let’s just call that one a joint effort :)

Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

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I’m Ready, I’m Ready, I’m Ready!

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Tomorrow is the last day of school.  Here’s a list of things I’m ready for:

  • Heading to the matinee
  • Lazy mornings in PJ’s
  • Trips for ice cream
  • The kids splashing in the pool
  • The drive in
  • Riding bikes on the trail
  • Carnivals

Things I’m not looking forward to:

  • “I’m bored!”
  • “She hit me!”
  • “I’m hot!”
  • Keeping their brains working

So, I guess I AM looking forward to summer.  But I also get excited about them going back to school.  Seeing that back to school is 76 days away, I’m just going to enjoy the Summer stuff first.  Then I can get excited about new pencils, glue sticks, teachers and outfits.  I’ve decided that I’m going to take some time to ACT LIKE A KID this summer.  I may even put my bathing suit on once or twice.  Why?  Because this is the last summer that I am IN MY THIRTIES!  I’m going to be carefree (I hope), fun and silly.  I will eat popsicles.  I will draw with chalk.  I will jump rope.  I will teach my kids to do a cartwheel.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not going to be a boring, strict 40 year old.  But I think I’ll suck up the last bit of my thirties, and then get back to ‘the grind’ once I turn 40 and school starts again.


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Well, as I sit here on the last Friday of school, I’m thinking about the summer and the girls going to school in the fall.  I’m very much looking forward to summer.  I love that the girls will sleep in a bit.  No more 6:30 a.m. wake ups.  I love that they can stay up a little later, and they don’t get all crankified. (Yes, I made up a word.)  I love stopping for ice cream, catching an afternoon movie, and visiting with friends and family that we’re too busy to visit with while school is in session.

There are parts of summer that get a little trying, though.  Although Becca and Chloe generally get along, there will be afternoons where they can’t be in the same room together without being mean to each other.  I’m sure there will also be lots of “I’m bored!!!” and “There’s nothing to do!”  I’ll take it though.  I think I’m ready.  But if you talk to me in August, I might be singing a different tune.

My friend Marlo asked me yesterday if I was going to be sad that they are both going to be in school all day come the fall.  You know what?  I’m not.  I don’t mean that in a greedy way, though.  I will definitely miss all our little conversations and cuddles.  And I WILL like to have some time back to myself.  But more than anything, I’m proud of them.  I’m proud of they way the girls became great friends on vacation.  I’m proud of they way they made friends in the pool.  I love that they are buddies, and ready to take on the Primary School as a team. I’m proud that they’re not extremely annoying or mean to other people.

I really think that I will enjoy watching them flourish, watching them make more friends, help people and become more confident.  I’m excited for the unknown that will happen as they grow older.  I will mention, though, that my tune may again change when they are older…like 13 and 15.  I can’t see that being too easy.

Have a great weekend, and GET READY FOR SUMMER!

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I hope you had a great Mothers’ Day.  We spent Mothers’ Day at Kennywood.  It’s our new yearly tradition (second year in a row).  Mothers’ Day weekend is opening weekend at Kennywood.  Seems that people have other things to do on Mothers’ Day, so the lines are pretty light.  Not to mention that there was a high temperature of about 52 degrees.

But we had a blast.  We went on the kids’ favorite, the Jackrabbit at least three times.  We hit all of the classics…the Paratrooper, the Kangaroo, the Pirate Ship, the Turtle.  We went on Noah’s Ark, which completely freaked Becca out. (Chloe was a little scared too, but she just hides it better).  I think that most of Becca’s problem was having a couple of 11 or 12 year old boys behind her, making extra noise.  Becca was actually tall enough for the Racer and The Exterminator.  Which she thoroughly enjoyed (although, because The Exterminator is dark, she just sort of clenched my hand in fear the entire time.  But when we exited, she was really excited about it.).  The kids played games, won stuffed animals, got their cotton candy and had an overall great day.

Because the lines were so short, we really had ridden all that we wanted to ride by 4:30.  So, we headed home.  On the trip back, I asked the girls what their favorite part of the day was.  Chloe said it was winning the stuffed animals and riding the Jackrabbit.  Becca said stuffed animals and the Racer.  Then I asked what their least favorite part of the day was.  I was expecting Becca to say that it was Noah’s Ark, but she threw me a curve by saying that it was riding the three rides she rode in Kiddieland.  Chloe agreed.

There’s a little part of my heart that is sad about that.  They used to be so excited to get on those rides.  They look at me, so proud that they could ride something on their own.  That day, however, they looked at me like I was making them watch a documentary on making cheese.  I guess I can’t avoid the fact that they have to grow up.  At least I get to ride the fun rides with them!

Speaking of that, I had the opportunity to cross something off my bucket list (the Skycoaster).  Problem was, they were only accepting triple rides (meaning you had to have three people to go).  The girls were tall enough to go on, and I actually pressed it a bit.  Chloe was more than willing, but Becca wasn’t so sure.  Then Tony looked at me and very gently asked, “Do you want to be the Mom who scars them for life on Mothers’ Day?”

OK, guess not.  I’ll have to try another day…

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Old Men in Hats

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Today we had the first little round of REAL snow flurries around here.  The kids were excited, and chased them around trying to catch them on their tongues.


I knew I had to drive to the North Side, while the Pitt game was happening (crappy loss) in this ‘first snow.’ I was pleasantly surprised, though.  It wasn’t too bad driving.  Usually those first flakes just freak people out.  Seems that us Pittsburghers don’t really get used to driving in the snow until maybe February.  I’m guessing that all the bad drivers were going to the mall.  I’ve come to this conclusion after driving on Black Friday.

Maybe it was due to lack of sleep, or the sheer excitement of ‘getting the deal.’  But there were many drivers (I hate to say it, but many WOMEN drivers) who either forgot how to drive or never learned.  There wasn’t a mass amount of traffic.  But still, there were problems merging onto the highway.  I merged in behind a white minivan who then continued to drive 45 miles per hour on the highway.

It’s a good thing my patience is one of my greatest traits.

My father, because he was a cop on the streets for so many years, has his own theories about drivers.  And the older I get, the more they turn out to be true.  These are the two that have stuck with me (although I’m sure there are more, right Dad?)

  1. All the bad drivers come out on Sunday.  It’s a fact.  When I used to work at the airport, I worked every Sunday.  I would start at all different times of the day, from 6:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon.  EVERY SUNDAY I would have problems with other drivers.  Usually they were going to slow, or were afraid to do things like merge.  Or they would stop for green lights.  Maybe they thought they were about to turn yellow.  Who knows.
  2. Never drive behind an old man in a hat.  They are terrible, slow drivers.  Over my past 23 years of driving I’ve put this one to the test.  I get behind old men in hats just to test the theory.  I’ve never gotten behind an old man in a hat who is a good driver.  Never.  I’m not sure if it has something to do with the hat or not.

You may have already known these things.  But we sometimes forget to tell our children, nieces and nephews who are new drivers.  So, consider this a public service message.  Tell all the newer drivers in your life to remember these two things.

And please, please….don’t become an old man in a hat.

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