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My Love/Hate Relationship with Fitty

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Well, I finally got back into my exercise routine on the Wii. When I turned it on and saw Fitty, he not-so-politely reminded me. “Did you know it’s been 10 days since you last checked in?” Um, yeah. I know. Bite me.

I was about 10 minutes in (did some yoga and strength), and the telephone rang. Needless to say, I got a little distracted and didn’t quite finish. But I don’t feel completely bad. I’ve found that there are some really cheap Nintendo Wii games out there. I bought one with some family games…and I can’t remember the name of it off hand. But it has lawn darts, bocci ball, basketball and some other games. It was only about twenty bucks, and the games are easy enough for the little ones to play around with.


Which is fantastic. I think it was the best twenty bucks I’ve spent in a while. I can’t believe that I’m going to say type this, but I’m really glad we bought the system (and the board). I get double alone time. Well, sort of. I’m sort of alone when I’m using the Wii Fit. And when the kids are playing (again, unsupervised), I get some more time. I’ll just have to be nice to my spending cash and pace myself on picking up some new games.

As as for Fitty? I’ll see you tomorrow, ya bastard.

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The snow in my yard has melted. I no longer have a 5 inch thick slab of ice to drive over to get into my driveway. The furnace is not on for 59 minutes out of every hour. But I don’t want to get too excited. This IS Pittsburgh and the date is only showing February 8. But I’m definitely enjoying the warm-ish temps. I looked at the 14 day temperature trend, and it sort of looks like going down the hill on the Jackrabbit at Kennywood. So I will enjoy it while it lasts. And possibly even wash all of the salt off the car. Possibly.

We headed to my sister-in-law’s house yesterday (I have 8 SIL’s!) for a small party for our 16 yr old nephew. It’s nice to have a big family – and the girls really enjoyed seeing their aunts and cousins. Life is definitely getting easier with these two girls. They play together nicely and are very independend. I actually got some nice adult conversation in last night – which is a rare thing for me! Even though I’m feeling the beginnings of a cold (sore throat and a general blech feeling), I still met with Fitty last night. At 11:15 p.m. no less. It was either clean up the tornado of toys or deal with Fitty. It was a pretty easy choice. Wii Fit age yesterday? 31 – I’ll take that. I DO have some sore calves, thighs and upper arms. But sore in a good way. I only wince when I try to walk up the stairs.

Tony and I are taking the girls to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History today. Chloe learned about dinosaurs in preschool last week, and Becca has been asking quite a lot of questions about mummies. And this is the first Sunday in a while without any football (except for that week between playoffs and the Super Bowl – and we went to Ikea and dinner that day). I was surprised how expensive it is, though! $15 for an adult and $11 for a child (although I think they are running a promo right now for half off kids through February 27th). I’ll fill you in on how everything goes. Speaking of the girls, I handed them a huge Oriental Trading catalog yesterday. They have spent at least an hour just looking at everything. Thanks for the catalog!

Well, NOW I must go deal with the toy tornado. And laundry. I’m determined to come home later today to a clean(-ish) house. Have a great day!!!

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Bring it on, Fitty

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Yes, Fitty. That’s what I call my Wii Fit. I think I picked up that name from PittGirl. Anyway, I’ve logged 14 days (well, really it’s 13. I did the body test one day and was too full of PMS to actually work out). I’ve lost five(-ish) pounds. My goal is twenty. I can’t believe that I am 20 pounds heavier than I want to be. How did that happen? OK, 2 kids had something to do with it. But there has to be more. Before Fitty, I never exercised. Ever. Yeah, I’d take the kids for a walk, but have you tried walking with a 3 year old and a 5 year old. You don’t exactly go fast enough to get your heart pumping. Before I got pregnant, I was a bartender. And I ran. A lot. I lifted kegs, I was on my feet for ten hour stretches. I think that job kept me on the thinner side.

Seeing that I don’t want to go back to bartending, I guess Fitty is it. I actually love the Wii Fit. But it mocks me. It gets some arbitrary age that is my ‘Wii Fit’ age. It started at 41 (Well, actually it was 51, but that’s because I’m stupid). It has varied from a low of 26 to a high of 40 over the past 2 weeks. Really, that number shouldn’t even bother me at all. What I should be worried about is the weight. But dammit, I want that age to be low. Yesterday I ran (with Fitty). Not just the short fun run, but a longer one. I really need to quit smoking.

So, here I am. It’s Thursday morning. Both the kids are at school, and I have two wonderful hours to myself. And I’m going to hand over an hour to Fitty. Fitty, I see you more than I see my husband.

One last note…I am also trying to convince myself that Splenda tastes just like sugar (it doesn’t) and that Lowfat Half and Half is really good (it’s not). Damn you, metabolism!!!!

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