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Worn Out By the Wicked

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I’m going to talk about True Blood a bit.  So, if you’ve never seen the show (or read the books), just move along…come back tomorrow for something else.  :)

I know that I’ve discussed this before, but I have a serious attachment to the stories in the Sookie Stackhouse Series (the books).  At some points in time, it makes it difficult to watch True Blood.  I was very intrigued with the introduction of Maryann at the end of last season.  And, for the most part, I have enjoyed the new and original story line that she is involved in. (Except for the fact that they’re in Sookie’s house.  That is bothering me.)  However, I’m about done with that story line.  On Sunday night, I saw that there were only three episodes left, and it seemed that the two major story lines were about to mingle together.  Could be interesting.  I’m hoping that it happens in the next episode, because the whole “Maryann hunting after Sam” thing has started to bore me.

It was pretty cool when Sam turned into a fly.  Original.  Now, I went over to the Charlaine Harris website, and found a link to a little essay that she wrote for Borders.  I never thought about the fact that the books are COMPLETELY through Sookie’s eyes, and how logistically difficult that would be for a television show.

As she says, I’m trying to think of the tv series and the books as two totally different stories.  But I’m still attached to Sookie.  And I don’t like that bitch Maryann in her house.

OK, I feel better getting that off my chest.  So?  Only three more episodes?  That will take me into September, then there’s a new book coming out in October.  (It’s called A Touch of Dead, and I believe it’s a collection of the short stories that she has written).  I’m going to pre-order it through Amazon Kindle, so it goes right to my fancy schmancy new iPhone.  It’s only ten bucks if I do it that way (and, no shipping!).  It will probably be the first REAL book I read on my phone.

Yeah…I still love my phone :)

OK, back to normal mommy complaining and stories tomorrow!

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A New Flat Friend

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Well, it finally happened.  After leaving the tv on pretty much all day (sometimes on a music channel), it died.

The kids took it VERY hard.

We came home on Sunday after a whirl wind day of Sarris Candy, painting our own pottery and chinese food.  Tony had just returned from the Buccos of Suckitude game.  He asked me to look at the tv, it wasn’t turning on.  Jinkies.  I check the power, and it’s dead.  Once the power supply goes, it’s just cheaper to buy a new tv.  Or pretty close, anyway.

The girls FREAKED OUT!  Through their massive tears, they screamed the questions:

Where are we gonna watch tv!?!?!?  (Um, on one of the FOUR other tv’s we have?)

But I wanna lay on the couch!!!  (lay on the couch downstairs!)

I wanna watch Rugrats! (It’s on the DVR, I told them to watch a DVD)


We headed down to the “man cave.”  I’m not quite sure why I still refer to it as the ‘man cave.’  Tony’s never really here to enjoy it.  But before we bought a restaurant, we turned our unfinished basement into Tony’s hide out.  There’s a big 52″ flat screen on the wall, surround sound and a beer fridge.  Original plans were to build a bar in the back, but since we went out and bought an ACTUAL BAR, those plans have sort of fallen to the way side. You could tell the girls just weren’t comfortable down there.  I mean, they watched the big honkin’ tv, but they still weren’t happy.

So, as I went to work on Monday, Tony headed out to try to find the best deal.  Our new family member is a 32″ flat screen LCD.  It’s pretty.  It looks  a little strange in our entertainment center, though.  The old tv was a big old tv.  Honestly, it had to weigh at least 150 pounds.  And we had to poke the big perforated hole out of the back of the entertainment center so that the back of the old tv could stick out.  The new tv, however, is all sleek and light.

So, even though my girls were more upset about the tv than they were the death of their fish, I believe they’ve completed the healing process.  And when I need to get something done, my babysitter is again available.

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Eat Up!

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Well, yesterday we held the Sloppy Joe Showdown at Downey’s House.  It was fantastic!  It turned out to be a super family friendly event, and we’re going to make it an annual thing.  You can see all of the pictures on our blog, but here are the family photos and stories.

First off, there was a kids jello eating contest.  Becca and Chloe were ready for the action.  Chloe was talking some trash!  She eyed Julia (her cousin) up as her biggest competition.  She told her that she’d be eating her jello “all in one bite.”  Turns out that her other cousin, Rachael, won.  Chloe just very methodically scooped small amounts of jello into her mouth with her hand.  And kept on eating, even after the contest was finished.

Eat the Jello

Now, I didn’t have too much to do with setting this thing up.  Our bartender, Tim really did it all.  So, I didn’t realize until Saturday that my brother planned on competing.  I was a little nervous for him.  Scratch that.  I was nervous for his wife.  I’m sure you can understand.  Anyway, my brother, without any preparation or practice, dove right in there and ate ten sloppy joes in eight minutes.  Third place.  The winner ate fifteen.  I was shocked, impressed, and a little worried.  Here’s his winning grin:


So, mark your calendars for next July…if you have the stomach for it!

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The Perfect Motherhood Storm

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Did you see the title?  It’s no coincidence that Perfect Motherhood Storm has the same initials as Pre Menstrual Syndrome.  My poor kids.  They got the wrath of evil Mom this weekend.  Now, I can’t say they were TOTALLY innocent.  But I had a few not-so-stellar mom moments.  Nothing crazy, nothing immoral or illegal.  Just lots of yelling and a couple of time outs.  So, here’s how the perfect storm set itself up:

It all started Thursday night.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday I fell back into my old sleeping habits.  You know, fall asleep with the kids around nine or nine thirty, wake up about midnight or 12:30 completely energetic, stay awake until about three in the morning and then head back to bed.  Three nights in a row this happened.  This sleeping pattern makes me crabby for a couple of reasons.  One, obviously, is the lack of solid sleep.  The other is that I never really get my ‘me’ time.  I mean, I get it in the middle of the night, but I’m so crabby because I feel asleep that I don’t really get to enjoy it.

Next was the PMS.  It started on Saturday night.  I noticed that I was snippy, my patience was about nil.  Then I was cool mom and let them have ice cream twice in one night.  Talk about mood swings.

The third (and final) set up for the perfect storm?  No break.  You know from reading this that I love, love, love my chickies.  Sundays I usually get a little bit of a break, though.  Tony is usually off, and he’ll entertain the girls for an hour or two just so I can relax.  Or work.  But working without having to worry about the kids IS relaxing.  Well, this Sunday Tony had to go to the restaurant.  We had a big charity bike run happening, and he really DID have to be there.  But the sleep deprived mother with PMS?  She didn’t get that break, and it showed.

It wasn’t pretty.

There were threats.  There was that one fleeting moment (yes, fleeting and brief!) in Costco when I was ready to just hand them over to any woman who looked like they would be a good mom.  In retrospect, it probably WASN’T a good idea to take them to Costco on a busy Sunday in the middle of the ‘Perfect Storm.’  But you know, sometimes when you’re in the middle of that stuff, you just don’t think straight.

I’m sure many moms have been through this before.  And whether you admit to it or not,  just know that we’re all in the same boat.  And we all get cranky.

All is better today :)  I’m in a good mood, my children aren’t living some place else, and we’re having family day today.  Oh, and I got to watch another episode of True Blood last night.  Which followed the book a little better, and that made me happy.

Have a great Monday!

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Kiddie Brain Candy

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You know, we really do a lot outside in the summer. But we (read: the kids) do still watch television. This usually happens for an hour in the morning, depending on the day, it could be an hour or so in the afternoon, and then they watch a television show before bed.

Our latest indulgence? Wipeout on ABC. They really look forward to watching it every Wednesday (it’s on at 8:00).  It’s a big obstacle course.  A difficult obstacle course.  With lots of mud and foam, and tons of falls.  Just watching it makes you flinch and say ‘ow.’  Then, there are the big balls.  Yup, they repeatedly say big balls.  This is a part of the obstacle course that looks like this:

bigredballsI have never seen anybody make it all the way across.  Granted, I haven’t watched every show, but they really get pummelled on this obstacle!

So, anyway, the kids love watching other people fall.  You know, just like when they’re infants and they see somebody trip and fall.  They get a kick out of it!

If you have kids my age, you probably have your ‘go to’ shows, also.  We have some other shows that give mom a little bit of quiet time.  They change pretty frequently.  Right now, we’re on a SpongeBob kick.  Classic.  Then there are a couple of other shows that are not quite as well known.

First, there’s Phineas and Ferb.  I think this show is hysterical!  It’s about two boys on summer vacation and their adventures.  They are always building or doing something crazy, and their older sister Candace is always trying to get them in trouble.  It’s from Disney, and it’s a good watch.

The other show (which is actually pretty good) is Johnny Test.  Really, the general story follows Phineas and Ferb a bit, except the show focuses on the younger brother (and his dog) who has two older sisters who are scientists.  The older sisters are the ones always creating crazy stuff.  And, Johnny Test’s hair is really cool. It’s on Cartoon Network.

So, relax.  Let the kids watch some trash.  Just even it out with some stuff to keep their brains sharp for the summer, and all will be good.

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