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Weekend Re-Cap

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We had a fun weekend. Well, on the surface, anyway. It’s hard to balance all the balls I have up in the air. Restaurant, kids, t-shirts, affiliate marketing, making the house look like it’s not a pig sty. This weekend, we did a lot of stuff with the kids.

Saturday we went to breakfast with the Easter Bunny and an egg hunt. The girls had a great time. They had pancakes (their favorite), got to see their two cousins, and completely made out at the egg hunt. They each found three tickets, which entitled them to prizes. Chloe got a big and two small prizes, and Becca got 2 mediums and a small. The prizes were stuffed animals. My kids LOVE stuffed animals. There is a strange addiction there that I have yet to break. They were also very nice to their cousins. When I suggested that they each give one stuffed animal to their cousins (because they didn’t get any tickets) they didn’t even flinch. I was a proud mama. They were truly happy to make their cousins happy.

Then it happened.

We left the egg hunt and headed to the restaurant. We sat in a ton of traffic because of the inbound Parkway West closure this weekend. Becca started. “I’m jealous because Chloe got a bigger bunny than me!” Blah, blah, blah. Seems that every time we do something fun, the crabbies come out right after. We made it home, she complained some more, and eventually ended up on time out (I think it was for hitting her sister).

So, we wake up on Sunday and it’s our day to go to the circus. The girls were excited. We all get ready and head down to the arena. They had fun watching Tony squirm as he saw the clowns outside mingling with the crowd. As we walked in and started going up the ramp to our seats, there was a vendor selling light up toys. Tony and I gave each other the “should we get these” look, and we bought one for each kid. The vendor says “twenty four.” Twenty four? Dollars!?! I clutched my heart as Tony dished out the cash. We went in, found our seats, and walked around on the floor for a bit. They were offering elephant rides, pony rides and a big bouncy-slide thing. I entertained the thought of buying them tickets. I walked over to the ticket table and found it was SEVEN DOLLARS A TICKET! Pony ride for seven bucks? I don’t think so. Big bouncy slide (the same one they have at many local festivals for $1 per ride)? No. I may have parted with fourteen bucks for the elephant ride, but the line was enormous. We bought a ‘family pack’ of tickets, which included a drink and hot dog for each person. We went and got our food (and those tickets were worth it, BTW), stopped by the cotton candy booth, plunked down 8 bucks for cotton candy, and headed to our seats.

The girls enjoyed the show. It seemed to drag a bit, but I’m glad we went. We bought more food. Pretzel, pop corn, peanuts and fries. As I emptied my wallet of cash, I was at least happy that we were all together, having fun. The girls were most excited about seeing Spider Man. He came out during the second half of the circus and did a little acrobatic ditty. They were happy, so I was, too. Spider Man made a second appearance with the clowns, but he was sort of like Elvis. Trim, muscular and svelte the first time you saw him. notsomuch the second time :)

Of course, as soon as we got in the car, Becca was complaining that she didn’t get to go on the bouncy slide. Ugh. I about freaked out. I told her that I may not EVER take her to do anything fun ever again, because she just complains when it’s over.

Yeah…that’s my stellar mom moment of the weekend.

Tony could tell that I was just over this behavior. When we got home, he took the girls up the street for THREE HOURS!!! I had three hours to myself, and I was totally awake. I cleaned. Yeah, not the most exciting or relaxing thing to do, but it made me feel better, and I enjoyed it. I think Tony feels bad that it’s going to be just me and the chicks for Easter vacation…and it looks like it’s going to be too cold for them to play outside.

So, I had a full ‘mommy’ weekend. The restaurant was slower than usual because of the traffic situation. I have a clean-ish house (there was no scrubbing involved). I worked a little bit on my new affiliate site. It still has a long way to go, but I’ll get there. And I had a request for a t-shirt design. I set up a store a while back, with all intentions of putting a bunch of designs in it. But then we, you know, bought a restaurant. So, I haven’t worked on it much, but I have done a few special requests. Here’s the one I did this weekend:

Peace, Love & Baseball Organic Toddler T-Shirt

I still haven’t gotten it up on Zazzle, but maybe I’ll do that now. OK…I think I’ve babbled enough for now. Next post? I think I’ll touch on the fact that Becca is crying every morning because she doesn’t want to go to school. Yeah. Fun.


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OK, I’m officially completely sick of winter. You’re most likely not surprised. If you live around here, you’re probably sick of it, too. I really hate to say it, but I called it on Monday (when it was 60-some degrees). Just felt one more snow. And it’s coming today. Oh well, maybe this is the last one. But, Pittsburghers, if you do remember…it snowed last Easter. And it was in April.

I wanted to put this out there: If you’ve purchased any of my St. Patrick Day designs, or any other design for that matter, and you have a picture of yourself wearing your shirt (or drinking out of your mug, or wearing your hat), please send me a copy!!! I’d like to put a section up in my store with pictures of REAL people wearing the shirts I’ve designed. You can email them to info (at) And I’ll give a free shirt away every month to a random winner. You can take pictures of products from any of my stores, whether it be from Zazzle or CafePress. (, or I can’t wait to start getting some pictures!!!

Well, I’m sure that the grocery stores are crazy right now, because the snow hasn’t started yet. We’re heading to a birthday party for my 1 year old great nephew today, and a party for a neighbor at Chuckie Cheese tomorrow. So, I’m sure my kids will be sick again soon. Too many germs looming in Chuckie Cheese to avoid them. No matter how many times I put hand sanitizer on my kids’ hands at Chuckie Cheese, they always get sick right after they’ve been there. Damn rat.


Thought this was funny…

Posted by: | Comments (0) design time. I recently saw a picture of a black and white rainbow and it said ‘Straight’ underneath. You can see it at T-shirt Hell. By the way…that website is totally funny. Most of their shirts crack me up. There aren’t many that I would wear—and my mind is a little cleaner (I guess) when it comes to creating stuff. But it’s totally funny. There’s a banner at the end of this post if you’d like to check out their site.

Anyway, back to the new design. I kind of melded two rainbows together, and here’s what I got:

I just thought it was funny. So, that’s today’s design!

By the way…awesome game last night. And I actually got to watch it! Rumor has it that my hubby didn’t get home until 3 am. He’s still sleeping!

Oh, here’s the t-shirt hell banner:


I love atta boys!

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Wow…two posts in one day. But both about the same design. I published it on Zazzle, and got an award. Here’s the link to it on there. Not sure about the models they have on Zazzle now. But at least this guy looks like he’s a little crazy :)

Team Tryptophan shirt

Team Tryptophan by hdowney
Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

So, anyway, it won a today’s best award. Gotta feel good when somebody thinks you did a good job :)

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Two New Designs!

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Here are the two newest designs at
I guess that you could take this design a few different ways. My take is that once I get something done “perfectly” the satisfaction only lasts for a second or two. However, for the person who has a gigantic head, they could be stating that they are perfection…and it’s not all its cracked up to be. No matter which way you take it, I think it’s funny…and it was my first attempt to look seventies-ish. It’s offered on lots of different products. Take a look!

The mug also won a ‘today’s best’ award at Zazzle.

Perfection mug
Perfection by hdowney Get this custom mug at Zazzle

Today’s Best October 12, 2007

The next design is near and dear to my heart…even though I’m not a bartender anymore. It still runs thru my veins!

I used to get so annoyed when somebody would ask me if bartending was my only job. Whatever. Most bartenders actually have brains. And the good ones have to be pretty damn smart. Unless you’ve ever done it for a living, you probably won’t understand. Anyway, I designed this to have an embroidered look on the text. I think it turned out pretty nicely. Again, it’s available on lots of stuff.

This one also won something at Zazzle (Really, I love winning stuff…even if there’s no cash involved.) Here’s the shirt at Zazzle

Bartender With a Brain shirt
Bartender With a Brain by hdowney Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

Funny T-shirt October 13, 2007

And because it won this…um..PRESTEGIOUS award, you can get 20% off and free shipping if you buy it by the end of Friday, October 19th. Just use the following link: Free Shipping and 20 Percent Off

OK, that’s enough about me rambling about my new designs. But would you like a glimpse into my life? It took me about an hour to write this post. Am I slow? No. Did I have technical difficulties? No. It’s the mini people who rule my house. Right now the two year old is under the desk pulling wires. The four year old has her balloon hat, belt, and pirate sword on that she got at a birthday party yesterday. I was interrupted for the following reasons while I was writing this:

  • “Mom, Where’s my skater girl I got at McDonalds yesterday?” So, I find the skater girl, and see the fish. I feed the fish because he didn’t get fed yesterday. Pour more coffee into the cup. Go back to posting.
  • My bladder interrupts me…go to pee.
  • “Mom, where’s our powder candy from yesterday?” Get the powder candy out of my purse. It is slobbery, and won’t come out of the container. Make the kids wait in the kitchen while I dig into my stash of Halloween candy, so they can have a treat. Also get them out a little toy to keep them entertained. It’s a skeleton walker…walks down the wall. Show them how to use it. Put another show on TV for them (Rugrats). Return to posting.
  • The two year old comes in to feed me a Sweet Tart. She smells ripe. Change her diaper. She is pretending to be a dog, so I have to play puppy with her for a while. After dropping the diaper in the trash, I decide to smoke a cigarette. Return to posting.

So, even though this post seems like one fluid thought, it is not. I only get fluid thoughts when I am in the shower. It is my peaceful time :)