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Stray Lint

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Just a few thoughts I’m going to share with you today:

  • I can’t stop eating frozen Reese’s Cups.  I think I need a 12 step program.
  • I’m so ecstatic that Dan Onorato lost.  There’s your Drink Tax karma, Danny boy.  Bite it.
  • I haven’t gotten the massive flock of evil birds at my house.  Yet.
  • I’m determined to get my Christmas shopping done by December first.  Dammit.
  • My 93 year old Grandmother is awesome.  Healthy as a horse. Very content.
  • I have two more papers to write for my English 102 class.  Then I will never write another paper again in my life.
  • I should have written that statement about 20 years ago.
  • Little girls can be mean…and I’m too big to kick their ass.  I realize that they are only kids, but I hope that Becca gets the satisfaction of seeing karma catch up with this girl when she is older.
  • I like karma.
  • Hold on…gotta get a Reese’s.
  • I am officially a Girl Scout.  And we’re all going to day camp on Saturday.  In the snow.
  • Did you hear?  It’s going to snow.
  • Stink bugs are still evil.  Tony was cleaning up the deck at the restaurant, and a brought a bunch of hibernating stink bugs into the restaurant.  They woke up.  Tip:  If you find hibernating stink bugs outside, get ‘em in some water and flush them.  Immediately.

OK, that’s it.  Happy day :-)

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Free Shipping at CafePress this Weekend

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Hey…if you need a gift and you’re on the computer this weekend, I just got a free shipping code. It’s only good for this weekend. Here are the details: Free shipping on $50 or more, use code FEMVAL1 . Ends February 8th at 11:59 PST (That’s 2:59 AM on Monday the 9th for us East Coasters). Here are some of my Valentine’s Day designs you might be interested in:

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OK, I’m officially completely sick of winter. You’re most likely not surprised. If you live around here, you’re probably sick of it, too. I really hate to say it, but I called it on Monday (when it was 60-some degrees). Just felt one more snow. And it’s coming today. Oh well, maybe this is the last one. But, Pittsburghers, if you do remember…it snowed last Easter. And it was in April.

I wanted to put this out there: If you’ve purchased any of my St. Patrick Day designs, or any other design for that matter, and you have a picture of yourself wearing your shirt (or drinking out of your mug, or wearing your hat), please send me a copy!!! I’d like to put a section up in my store with pictures of REAL people wearing the shirts I’ve designed. You can email them to info (at) And I’ll give a free shirt away every month to a random winner. You can take pictures of products from any of my stores, whether it be from Zazzle or CafePress. (, or I can’t wait to start getting some pictures!!!

Well, I’m sure that the grocery stores are crazy right now, because the snow hasn’t started yet. We’re heading to a birthday party for my 1 year old great nephew today, and a party for a neighbor at Chuckie Cheese tomorrow. So, I’m sure my kids will be sick again soon. Too many germs looming in Chuckie Cheese to avoid them. No matter how many times I put hand sanitizer on my kids’ hands at Chuckie Cheese, they always get sick right after they’ve been there. Damn rat.


Free Shipping at Zazzle

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Hey…a new promo at Zazzle. Enter code LOVERAPPAREL for free shipping on apparel orders of $50 or more. Expires February 14th. Check out my three Zazzle Stores: on Zazzle
Peace, Love and Whatever
I’m Not Working

I’ve been working like crazy on these, and my 3 CafePress stores. Will update more soon!

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Some Twisted Holiday Thoughts

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On this, Black Friday, I’ve created my first Christmas design. Did I go shopping today? Um..NO!!! I spent the day in my comfy clothes at home with the kids. That was after waking up at 2 am to down some Pepto. I’m not used to eating all that food!!! But it was good. Anyway, here’s the design for today. I hope it doesn’t offend anybody (um, I guess it might offend somebody who’s a hoe, but who would really admit it?)

Hoe, Hoe, Ho Ho Ho!

As usual, it’s available on shirts, mugs, hats and more. I made a greeting card, also. I think that would be great to send out to the family!!! It’s also available at Zazzle. Hope everybody had a great turkey day!!! Get your shopping done :)