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The Weather Might Not Be Spring, But…

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Yes, the weather definitely can’t be spring yet.

Damn groundhog.  I would have taken Chloe to punch him in the head, but there was too much snow.

The kids ended up not having school on Tuesday, which put them home for SIX DAYS IN A ROW.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed them.  But without having the luxuries of summer activities like the pool and just BEING outside, they were ready for school.  After about four days.

So, the weather is definitely still winter.  But me?  My attitude is gearing up for spring.  I’ve started re-arranging stuff in the house.  I’m gaining a new sense of purpose, and I’m motivated.  That’s MY big sign for spring.  I never, ever start projects in the winter.  Well, I might start them, but I stop them in about five minutes.  I’m enjoying my renewed energy, and I’m relishing in my great attitude.

And I won’t even let sleet, rain, snow or ice ruin it.

Point is, if I have this feeling, I know that ACTUAL spring is coming.  Soon.  So hang in there.  Trust me.

Hell, I may even wash my car.  Poor thing hasn’t been washed since October.

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Spring Fever

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We were blessed with a couple of beautiful (well, beautiful for February in Pittsburgh) days on Thursday and Friday.  I had originally planned on taking my kids to the zoo on Friday, because they had a teacher in-service day.  But, sometimes life throws you curve balls.  I guess that your happiness all depends on how you react to those curve balls.

Thursday started as a regular (but warm) day.  I threw the kids on the bus and headed home to do some work.  About a half an hour later, I got a call from my friend.  He had to drop something off to the school that his daughter had forgotten.  He said that the school smelled like gas, and there were fire trucks and ambulances.  He said he was taking his daughter home.  Well, I wrestled back and forth with the decision, and finally decided to just yank mine out of school, too.  I didn’t want them sitting and getting nauseous, and if they ended up with an early dismissal, I figured I would beat the rush.

Well, long story short, I got my kids, all my neighbors got their kids, and they moved all the other children over to the middle school to just kill time all day.  Me?  I took the kids to the zoo a day early.  It was 65 degrees, sunny, and we decided to have fun with our curve ball.

We had a great day.  There was hardly anybody at the zoo, and we got to watch the animals for as long as we wanted.  The kids were in a great mood, and there was absolutely no complaining or whining. (Well, there was the occasional, “Are we there yet???”  But I don’t even really hear those anymore).

Usually I make sure that I leave the zoo in plenty of time to beat the traffic.  But that day?  It just didn’t matter.  Traffic, schmaffic.  As we headed home, we talked about getting close to home and stopping for ice cream.  I drove home through Lawrenceville and the Strip, and I followed through on something I had been meaning to do…Stop at Klavons Ice Cream.  I’ve driven past it a bunch of times, but never actually stopped.  The kids enjoyed sitting at the counter, and they got to pick out some classic candy.  I even got some of those little jaw breakers in a box.  Love those.  I remember paying 10 cents at a basketball game for them.  Well, they’re a quarter now…which is perfect…because I got to say “Hey, when I was little these were only ten cents.”

If I have to get old, I wanna do all the old people stuff I can.

I’ve really been trying to live in the moment, and enjoy every single day.  It wasn’t hard that day.  So I figure, next time I’m having a hard time enjoying my day, I’ll just close my eyes and think about our trip to the zoo.

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Small Rant

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Hello?  Hello?!?!?!?!  How about when a customer comes into your store, you get your ass off the phone and give me a big cheery, “Hello!  How are ya today?”  I HATE to interrupt your conversation about where you’re going with your gang of pierced and tattooed under-21 friends (not that I have anything against tattoos and piercings…I SO don’t).  Oh wait…..I guess I DIDN’T interrupt, because you’re still having the conversation!

Tell  your friend to just hold on…you have to DO THE JOB THAT YOU’RE GETTING PAID FOR.  Ring up my shit, let me play the lottery, and I’ll be on my merry way.


Of course, I didn’t say anything even close to this.  I smiled, I was patient.  I told her I was in no hurry.  I gave her the little golf clap version of a wave good-bye (you know…just wiggle your fingers a teenie bit).  But all those things that I wrote up there?  I thought them.  And it felt good to get it out.

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Don’t Worry…Be Happy

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So, I watched The Early Show this morning and saw that researchers have determined that today is the saddest day of the year.

But not for me.

I have to admit, though, I had a day last week that was just…well…icky.  I was just miserable, I was cleaning up puke all day, and I had zero motivation.

But today?  Today is good.

I got to watch my Steelers put the smack down on the Ravens.  I got to watch BY MYSELF.  And you know what I did during commercial breaks and halftime?  I cleaned my house.  Laundry?  Put away.  Dusting?  Done.  I love that feeling of having a clean house.  You know what else I did this weekend?  I caught up on my to-do list.  I even cooked dinner yesterday (and that, my friends, is an accomplishment).

I think I’ve turned the corner on the winter blues.  Now only if the weather would start cooperating, I think I can take on the world.

But maybe I’ll just tackle today’s to-do list first.  :-)

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I’m Not Anti-Social, I’m Religious

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Right now my husband and kids are at the neighbors house for a pre-Steeler party, and then to watch the game.

Me?  I’m here, on the laptop, in a semi-clean house.  I will be watching the game here, by myself.


I love watching Steeler games.  I mean, LOVE.  I can watch regular season games with other people (unless it’s a critical-win regular season game).  But playoff games?  Nope.  I can watch them with MY family, but that’s about it.  It’s almost like a religious experience.  You can pray with a bunch of people, but when you really need to concentrate, you just need to be alone.

Will my friends and neighbors think I’m anti-social?  Maybe.  I hope not…I explained the situation to my two close friends.  I just can’t deal with twenty children (two of them mine) running around and creating general chaos WHILE I’M TRYING TO WATCH THE GAME.  And there will be fathers there, but who do the kids go to?  The moms.

So, excuse me while I completely immerse myself in the game…and nothing else.  Except during commercial breaks…I may get up to pee.


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