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As I was playing my favorite game on Facebook (Bejeweled Blitz), I came across an ad on the side of the page.  THIS was the ad:

Let me just say, that it got my attention.  It DEFINITELY got my attention.  But, um, HELLO!?!?!?!  Looking at that mean, Exorcist-looking face does NOT make me want to become a social worker.  Not in one year, and not in ten years.  Now, as I look at that photo, I’m imagining that the photographer just told that sweet (she probably really IS sweet, and not evil) little girl to make the scariest monster face she could.  And that’s great.

But the sepia tones, added with the ad for becoming a social worker, makes the whole thing just creepy.  I did not click on the link.  For two reasons…the first reason would be that I very, very, very, very rarely will click on a Facebook ad.  And if I do, it’s only the ones that go to another Facebook page.  Secondly, I was afraid that the devil himself might jump right out of my laptop if I clicked there.

OK, just needed to share.  What’s the weirdest Facebook ad you’ve seen?

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