The Weather Might Not Be Spring, But…


Yes, the weather definitely can’t be spring yet.

Damn groundhog.  I would have taken Chloe to punch him in the head, but there was too much snow.

The kids ended up not having school on Tuesday, which put them home for SIX DAYS IN A ROW.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed them.  But without having the luxuries of summer activities like the pool and just BEING outside, they were ready for school.  After about four days.

So, the weather is definitely still winter.  But me?  My attitude is gearing up for spring.  I’ve started re-arranging stuff in the house.  I’m gaining a new sense of purpose, and I’m motivated.  That’s MY big sign for spring.  I never, ever start projects in the winter.  Well, I might start them, but I stop them in about five minutes.  I’m enjoying my renewed energy, and I’m relishing in my great attitude.

And I won’t even let sleet, rain, snow or ice ruin it.

Point is, if I have this feeling, I know that ACTUAL spring is coming.  Soon.  So hang in there.  Trust me.

Hell, I may even wash my car.  Poor thing hasn’t been washed since October.

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  1. D.O.D. says:

    Remember I bought your Mom an outdoor lounge chair for her February Birthday so she could look forward to Spring.

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