Small Rant



Hello?  Hello?!?!?!?!  How about when a customer comes into your store, you get your ass off the phone and give me a big cheery, “Hello!  How are ya today?”  I HATE to interrupt your conversation about where you’re going with your gang of pierced and tattooed under-21 friends (not that I have anything against tattoos and piercings…I SO don’t).  Oh wait…..I guess I DIDN’T interrupt, because you’re still having the conversation!

Tell  your friend to just hold on…you have to DO THE JOB THAT YOU’RE GETTING PAID FOR.  Ring up my shit, let me play the lottery, and I’ll be on my merry way.


Of course, I didn’t say anything even close to this.  I smiled, I was patient.  I told her I was in no hurry.  I gave her the little golf clap version of a wave good-bye (you know…just wiggle your fingers a teenie bit).  But all those things that I wrote up there?  I thought them.  And it felt good to get it out.

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  1. Tim Hartzell says:

    You are nicer than I am. That is all I got to say. :-)

  2. Kerri says:

    Oh my God! I know how you feel on that one. Have had those moments lately and it makes it so much more fun we you have a squiggly two year old in your arms. Could you imagine if we pulled that crap in past jobs?

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