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OK, I can’t decide if this is winter weather or early spring weather. I’m not sure if I should let Chloe “punch that groundhog right in the face,” or tell her to cool her jets. Bad news? 3-5 inches by tomorrow morning. Good news? Well, it should melt pretty quickly. I’ll let the deciding factor be this: If we have a two hour delay tomorrow, I will say it’s still winter, and let the punching commence. (The girls have already been home for five days straight, a two hour delay may be just the thing that would push me over the edge). No two hour delay, and I’ll happily go about my day just waiting for the sun to melt the evil stuff that fell from the sky.

By the way, Girl Scout cookies are in. I will be sorting and figuring tonight, and will take most of them to the restaurant for pick up. If you’re lucky, I’ll deliver them on Wednesday.

Unless I have to take Chloe to punch a groundhog.

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