Ugh, Lesson Learned


Thursday I was just going about my normal morning activities.  I woke up, had some coffee, took the kids to the bus stop, and came back for a little morning restaurant and a second cup of  joe.

As I was recording the sales for the restaurant, I went into my Quickbooks to enter some deposits.  when I went to save it, everything hung up.  I ended the program, started it again, and the same thing happened.  My laptop had been sitting for a while without being turned off, so I figured a re-start was in order.  As the laptop went through the process, I took a pee, smoked a cigarette, and sat down to get back to work.

Except for one thing.

No windows.  No nothing.  Not a blue screen.  Just…nothingness.

So, I re-started, when through some functions and saw that my laptop thought I didn’t have a hard drive.


I hop on the desktop, googling where in the hell my hard drive even is, and how to take it out.  I thought that it may have just become disconnected, because there was some heavy banging happening the day before (that’s a different story).  So, I find out how to remove it, and I did that, and put it back in.  I crossed my fingers, started the computer…and…..nothing.

My heart stopped.  Just a week ago, I was thinking about how I really should have a back up routine.

But I never quite got that far.

I called my baby brother at work, telling him that I had a technical emergency, and could he pretty please help me, because he’s technologically awesome.

Long story short, my laptop went to the computer hospital (my brother’s house) in hopes that he can recover some (all?  Maybe?) of my files from my hard drive.  It’s definitely a physical problem (not a virus, or something like that).  He’s been known to get everything off dead hard drives before, but he made no promises.

The silver lining?  Well, I got a spiffy NEW laptop.  And new Quickbooks.  And new Microsoft Office (I was using 2002, I think).  And I treated myself to Adobe…the big one…at the student price (a savings of $1200 at Staples).

I still keep thinking, “Oh, I’ll get that phone number off the….oh…wait…I can’t get it off the laptop.”  Ugh.

Here’s the order in which I set up the new laptop:

  1. Set up email
  2. Join online back up service
  3. Install Norton

I will never, ever, ever go without back up again.  Just gotta add it to my desktop.  It even has an app for my phone.

And I love, love, love my brother.  I mean, I did even before all this, but this makes him all sorts of “superman-ish.”


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  1. Tim Hartzell says:

    An external hard drive is around 100 dollars a small price to pay to have a backup. I don’t need my computer to work, you have the family busness on there. I have an extra hard drive for music and pictures. I would be crushed if I lost my pictures. Reading this I should back them up on my hard drive.

  2. Heather says:

    I thought about the external drive, but I really use the laptop in the kitchen…and I just would blow off hooking it up to back it up every night. My brother gave me a website for online backup that’s just $5 a month, and it does it all automatically – on all of my computers. It rocks.

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