I’m Not Anti-Social, I’m Religious


Right now my husband and kids are at the neighbors house for a pre-Steeler party, and then to watch the game.

Me?  I’m here, on the laptop, in a semi-clean house.  I will be watching the game here, by myself.


I love watching Steeler games.  I mean, LOVE.  I can watch regular season games with other people (unless it’s a critical-win regular season game).  But playoff games?  Nope.  I can watch them with MY family, but that’s about it.  It’s almost like a religious experience.  You can pray with a bunch of people, but when you really need to concentrate, you just need to be alone.

Will my friends and neighbors think I’m anti-social?  Maybe.  I hope not…I explained the situation to my two close friends.  I just can’t deal with twenty children (two of them mine) running around and creating general chaos WHILE I’M TRYING TO WATCH THE GAME.  And there will be fathers there, but who do the kids go to?  The moms.

So, excuse me while I completely immerse myself in the game…and nothing else.  Except during commercial breaks…I may get up to pee.


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