Worker Elf


Well, I’ve been a busy little elf.

I finished my last English paper. Ever. I completely procrastinated with it. It was due yesterday at midnight, and I finished it around 6:30, which is so not like me. Here’s what happens when I get overwhelmed…I do absolutely nothing. Instead of pulling up my big girl panties and just tackling life head on, I let the house go to shit, the laundry back up, my websites get neglected, and I do something fun. This week, I headed to the casino. I hit a machine for $700, and played with that money all day. I did come home with about $300. I had much more fun there than I would have had sitting at home writing a paper.

But I had to pay the consequences the next few days.

Now that it’s out of the way, I can begin wrapping, send out some Christmas cards, make some gingerbread houses, celebrate Tony’s birthday, and all that good stuff. Oh, I do have a final to take, but it’s a computer programming final, and it will be fine…even fun. (Yes, I’m a geek).

Everybody in the ‘burgh is planning for the EPIC snowfall that’s forecasted for Sunday…a big ol’ one inch. Grab your salt, shovels, milk and toilet paper – we might not make it to Monday.

Hope everybody has a great weekend, and a fun two weeks of holiday craziness!

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