Christmas Hangover


Well, Christmas has come and gone. The kids had a great time. They are convinced that they WEREN’T on the naughty list because “we got tons of presents.” I hope this isn’t the last year I get to pull off this charade. As stressful and time consuming as it is, it sure is fun to watch them open everything.

Santa, however, didn’t get the best gift. I saved that for Mom and Dad. We got them each their own Nintendo DSi’s. But they got lots of other stuff that was a big hit, too. They got Bop It, which they have played with a bunch. Yahtzee, to take me back to my childhood. A game called Pictureka, which was fun. There’s an easy bake oven, moon dough, a crayon maker, Orbeez…the list goes on.

I’m looking forward to this week of just hanging out and playing some family games. We’re headed to see The Chronicles of Narnia in 3D at the theater today. They really enjoyed the first two (we watched them last week). I have a feeling, though, that as soon as I get them to start sleeping in, we’ll have to head back to school…

Hope everybody enjoyed their holidays!!!!!

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