Check Ya Later, 2010.


So, I sat down to think about what to write for this, my last blog post of 2010. I figured I would look back and see if I wrote about resolutions and all that crap last year.

So I looked.

Wow. My last blog post in 2009 was December 6th. And the next blog post after that wasn’t until February. I must have been in a mega-funk. Good thing? I guess I have more time to write now. What I DO remember from January 2009 is that I planned our trip to Disney. I think I was so tired of being here, so just…tired, that I needed to concentrate on something fun. I guess it worked.

All in all, 2010 was a good year. Chloe became a ‘big kid’ and started kindergarten. I got some quiet time while they were in school. We got some grown up furniture. We got a new deck. I got to see my Mom three times in 2010. The restaurant got busier, AND got to be a little more on auto-pilot. I got my Associates Degree (finally).

**Hey, did I mention that? I didn’t actually get the piece of paper yet, but I finished all the classes, got a ‘B’ in my English Comp 2 class, filled out all the paperwork, and it’s done. Gotta cross that off my Bucket List!!!***

All in all, I liked 2010. Even though I turned 40 (which was not so bad, even with a gigantic hangover), good things happened. And I’m looking forward to 2011. No resolutions. Except maybe to live in the moment. And this moment? We’re headed to the basement to play some Wii Party. Happy New Year!

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