Here Comes the Holiday Stress


I haven’t written for a while.


Shit happens.  But everything has been pretty good.  A trip to Girl Scout Camp for the day, chugging right along with every day life.  I’m still determined to get my Christmas shopping done by the first week of December.  Even though I’ve only bought two gifts so far.


I did get one gift for OURSELVES today…we bought an elliptical machine from Costco.  It got delivered (and built…by somebody else!) today.  So, no I feel obligated to have a little work out TONIGHT.  Last year when I was going to the gym, I got on the elliptical machine about 95% of the time.  I took a stray class here and there, but I really felt like I could zone out on the elliptical (read:  not feel like I was actually exercising).  So, SQUEE!  Maybe I’ll lose some weight :)

We had a visit from the stomach flu this week.  Only Chloe and Tony got it badly…Becca and I just felt icky, but that was it.  Cute story about Chloe:  Her teacher told me that she was just not herself that morning at school.  She did a lot of sitting with her head down.  Then, she quietly got up and went to the bathroom (there’s a bathroom in their classroom).  She came out, sat at her desk and got her pencil.  The teacher asked Chloe, “Chloe…did you throw up in there?”  Chloe said yes, but she felt better now.  The teacher asked if she wanted another child to walk down to the nurse with her.  Chloe said “no.”  So, the teacher said, “Do you just want to walk down by yourself?”  Chloe said, “No, I don’t want to go to the nurse at all.”

She’s a big fan of school.

She was very upset when I picked her up at the nurse’s office and told her that she had to stay home the next day, too.  Luckily, she was only all pukey for about six hours.  She still stayed home from school the following day, but she got to run errands with me.

It was nice to have some alone time with her.  And I got alone time with Becca the night prior to that.  We went to Costco together while Tony and Chloe stayed home.

My kids are really fun to be around when they’re alone.  It cuts out the whole sister-competition thing.

Thanks for listening, and I’ll try to write again before Thanksgiving.  By the way, I’m heading out shopping on Black Friday.  I think I swore it off last year, but it’s been a whole year…It can’t be that bad, right?

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