They’re GIRLS, but not GIRLY


October is really my favorite month of the year.  It’s the month Tony and I got married.  It’s time for fall leaves, pumpkins, Indian apples, and best of all…Halloween.  I’ve had a lot of fun over the years with the kids and their Halloween costumes.  I have to admit, though, I took the easy way out last year.  I got some costumes from my brother, and the girls were excited to wear them.  They were Tinkerbell and a Hershey kiss.

In previous years, I was a bit more original.  One year they insisted on being Woody and Buzz.  I got them some very nice costumes from the Disney Store.  My favorite?  When we all dressed up as Mystery, Inc.  Chloe was Scooby, Becca was Shaggy, I was Velma and Tony was Fred.

Last week we were at Wal-Mart, just checking out the Halloween stuff.  Becca and Chloe BEGGED me to let them pick out their costumes.  I caved.  The thing I’m not too happy about?  They will be wearing $12 costumes from Wal-Mart with those hard plastic masks.

The thing that I’m actually sorta proud about?  Their anti-girly choices.  Becca is going to be an alien and Chloe is going to be Darth Vader (I have a thing for Darth Vader).  And at least their choices are done, and I can relax a bit.  I’m going to enjoy this October.  But the other question?

What to hand out for trick-or-treat.  I’ll get there.  It just needs to be something that I won’t eat an entire bag of.

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  1. Kerri says:

    That is great! I think they are wonderful choices in costumes plus they are coming in to their own ideas and likes/dislikes. Good for you for not pushing anything on them!

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