Soldiers of the Devil


Well, now that it’s about to get cold, hopefully we won’t see as many stinkbugs around these parts.  They were out in full force yesterday, though.  As I’ve mentioned on twitter, I think they are soldiers of the devil.  Not here to harm, but to completely annoy.

I saw something else that I believe comes from the depths of hell.  I’ve only seen a few of them so far, but there are these CRAZY swarms of birds that come by our house every fall.  I mean bird themselves…meh.  Whatever.  But large, crazy swarms of birds?  Nuts.  I believe that I’ve seen the ‘tester’ swarm…which would be the swarm to see if everything is safe.  Check out this picture from last year, though:

This was scary.  I just stuck my hand outside my back door, snapped this picture, then called all my neighbor friends to see if they were watching this.  Then, I hid under the covers.  There was berry-bird-poopies everywhere after this.  Scary. Gross.  Ew.

So, I think the big swarm is coming…I’ll try to take a picture.  But if you think I’m going out on the deck for that, you’re crazy!

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  1. Kerri says:

    Holy crap Heather! That would freak me out too!! Are you out from under the covers yet??? :-)

  2. Tim Hartzell says:

    Heather that is a shit load of birds. Reminds me of a horrer movie. I never saw that many birds before and I am walking feilds and woods all the time.

  3. Heather says:

    I came out from under the covers…this is from last year. But I’m buying some more covers for this year! I’m ready!!!

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