Good Triumphs Over Evil


I killed the virus.

I had to wait until the restaurant was closed, so I went in at 3 am, and stayed until 7:00.  But. It. Was. Dead.

Just in case anybody else out there needs to fight a computer virus, go and follow the steps over at the majorgeeks.com forum.  Seriously.  I didn’t even have to go through all of the steps.  Once I used malwarebytes, I was all good. Well, pretty much all good.  This specific virus (suspicious.mystic) did some crazy things to windows.  I had to grab the explorer.exe file from another computer, and had to put it on the infected one.

Explorer.exe is the thing that shows all your desktop icons, your start menu, etc.  Sorta important.  But all better now.

I have to say, that I really didn’t have that much of an idea about what I was doing.  I mean, I know my way around a computer, and I can check for some things.  I feel EXTREMELY empowered, though.  I’m so stinkin’ proud of myself, I’m almost making myself sick.  I realize that doing techie things really IS what makes me happy.

Well, being a mom makes me happy.

But as for the whole ‘career path’ thing, it’s gotta be techie.  Probably not doing work for somebody else, though.  I’m spoiled.  I need to be the boss. :-)

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