Yesterday I spent almost the entire day at my kids’ school.  When I got home, I was completely exhausted.  I don’t know how teachers do it.

I always go in on Friday mornings to help with Chloe’s computer class.  That was fine.  Then I had about forty minutes to kill, so I did some cutting for her teacher.  Their book fair was this week, so I then met Chloe’s class at the book fair and helped Chloe pick out some books crappy erasers, pencils and a book.  After that, I had about an hour and a half to myself to get some lunch, grab some stuff at the dreaded Wal-Fart, gas up the car and hit Starbucks.  Then it was off to Becca’s classroom to help with Johnny Appleseed day.  We were done before school let out, but I grabbed the kids and off we went.

Becca had won a goldfish at the Homecoming Carnival on Thursday night, so we headed to the pet store to get “Phineas” a real goldfish bowl instead of the vase he was currently calling home.  Twenty bucks later, we had everything we needed for our new pet.  We hit the grocery store for some necessities and came home.

I WAS POOPED!  We only got home about fifteen minutes later than they normally would have gotten home.  I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep.  I don’t know how teachers do it!  Don’t get me wrong…the kids were great (mostly).  It was funny how the second graders weren’t nearly as well behaved as Kindergarten.  But they were just, just, EXHAUSTING!  My kids make me tired with the constant questions and needs, but a room of twenty?  Very sweet, very innocent, and full of questions.  “Can I wash my hands?  Can I have more apple?  How much does this book cost?  But I don’t have any money!”

I think the questions swirled around my head as I happily dozed off.

Thank God I don’t have to do that every day!!!!  To those who are cut out for that job, kudos to you!  And…better you than me :)

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  1. Kerri says:

    Agreed! Teachers are amazing! You are super MOm though! Enjoy the weekend!

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