You know, over the years here in my little piece of the world I’ve seen a few stink bugs.  But this year?  Ugh.

I don’t think I have it as badly as some of my friends who live over in Moon and Kennedy townships, but the bugs?  They’re here.  They’re ugly.  Don’t squish ‘em…they smell.  And that smell?  It attracts more stink bugs.  Wanna see some video from last month?:

Ugh.  Well, today Rex decided to protect me.  He does this often.  Usually it’s with moths.  But this morning?  He ate two or three stinkbugs that were on the deck.

Wanna know what he did next?

He hurled.  On my new outdoor rug.  (Better than inside!).  Poor little guy…he has such a sensitive stomach, and to put a STINKBUG in that sensitive stomach was just, well, not a good idea.  I’ve tried to get rid of them.  A friend of mine on facebook said to spray them with rubbing alcohol.  Well, that didn’t work for me.  I read to spray them with a 50% water/50% Dawn mixture.  That didn’t work either.

Effers.  They better not come in my house, or there will be a stinkbug war.  Do you have any tips on dealing with them?

Have a great day!!!

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  1. Christy says:

    Heat, we just suck the critters up with the vacuum and toss their carcasses over the fence. I am hoping that SOME animal organism will step up to the plate and find them magically delicious. But until then, it’s WAR!

  2. burghbaby says:

    NOTHING repels them. NOTHING. If you need to borrow my cat, though, just holler. At least she doesn’t puke. ;-)

  3. Heather says:

    If we borrowed your cat he would probably come back evil. We have bad luck with cats.

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