Hair Loss


As you probably already know, Chloe just cracks me up.  We had a little bit of family over on Labor Day for some burgers, dogs and such.  Our nephew just came back from basic training, and he was able to stop by for a bit.  (Super proud of him, BTW.  He really seems like he’s gotten his shit together.  He headed off to college…he’s doing the Army’s ROTC program to pay for school).

Jeff came walking onto the deck in his uniform.  Chloe casually walked up to me, looking VERY concerned.  She put her hand up to her mouth to tell me a secret.  In a very concerned voice, she asked me, “Mom, Why is Jeffrey bald?”

LOL!  I explained about Army haircuts, and asked if she liked it.  No, she wasn’t a big fan.  Jeff’s hair was much longer and curly before he went away.  However, she did like giving his new hair cut a little rub before she went to bed.  Hey, she learned something new.

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