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Well, since I’m kidless for some large chunks of time, I’ve been able to watch a little bit of boob tube.  Here’s what we’ve been watching:

Hot Tub Time Machine – Laughed my ass off at this movie!  Love it, love it, love it.  And, because I’m an eighties girl, I also love John Cusack.  It’s a requirement.

Kick Ass – I really liked this.  Not quite as funny as Hot Tub Time Machine, but it was a good movie with a decent story.  The little girl?  Awesome.  Just awesome.  Worth watching.

KICK-ASS: Movie Trailer 2. Watch more top selected videos about: Matthew Vaughn, Chloe Moretz

Also, season three of True Blood wrapped up on Sunday night. Again, not the same as the books, but still darn good. It’s really like a whole new GOOD story. If you don’t get HBO, go rent the first two seasons from Netflix or something. If you have a weak stomach, nevermind.

Season 3 Clip Preview

I’ve also started watching The Big C on Showtime. I’ve been catching it while the kids are at school on OnDemand.  So far, I like it.  Here’s a video for that:

Seems like I haven’t really watched anything bad.  Maybe that’s because I’m just happy to be able to watch SOMETHING.  Although I did fall asleep during the Jets/Ravens game last night.  Meh.  That’s what Tony gets for putting football on at night.  Although, if it were a Steelers game, I would have been hootin’ and hollerin.’

Have a great day, and get some entertainment!

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