It’s All Downhill From Here, Right?


Well, everything is different now.  first, I have to go over to the ‘about me’ page and change “almost 40″ to “40.”  I had about a bazillion people wish me a happy birthday, and it felt great.  What didn’t feel so great?  The hangover I had for my entire 40th birthday.  BUT, it was a lot of fun getting to that hangover.  Lemmie give you the deets:

Friday, the 2oth, was the day that I was getting to celebrate.  Now, I knew that we were having friends over that evening for a deck party.  Tony told me to take the day to myself and be back by 6:00.  Hey, I wasn’t going to fight him on that!  I left the house, and headed to lunch.  I had a nice, quiet, lunch at Friday’s.  No kids bugging me, asking when the food was coming.  I sat at the bar.  It was fantastic.

Next, I headed to the bookstore.  And I didn’t look at one children’s book.  Again, awesome.  Peaceful.  Off to Kohl’s.  I got a piece of art for my new, grown up walls and a new pair of shades.  I poked around the new Kirkland’s that opened near me, and then off to Target.  I bought all new make up.  Lotions.  Soaps.  (OK, I did buy Play-Doh, but it was the one thing I forgot on the back to school list).  Then I went gambling.  Nothing like playing the slots :)  And you know…even when you go to the Casino with somebody, you always end up splitting up.

So, when I was done I got in the car to go home.  I blared some of my old CD’s (instead of listening to whatever movie the kids are watching).  I listened to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.  Can’t listen to that with kids in the car.

I got home, gathered my new belongings, and headed up the steps.  When I opened the door, bunches of friends were there IN COSTUME to greet me.  They had planed a 70′s themed party.  It was fantastic.  All the kids had tye-dye on, one of our friends wore classic black roller skates, and Tony looked like this:

There was a ton of food, a fantastic tiramisu cake,  a variety of adult beverages, and it was just a darn good time.  Of course, I had TOO MUCH fun.  We played drinking games that I hadn’t played in FOREVER!!!  We played Drug Dealer, we played Flip Cup.  It was all good.  I fell asleep next to Tony, on the deck, about 1:30 in the morning.  He dealt with the kids all night, and then tucked me into bed.  I spent the entire morning of my ACTUAL birthday on the couch.  But the kids did this for me:

I was a slug all day.  About 5:00 I decided that I needed something greasy and spicy to make me feel better.  I ate the most awesome Italian Hoagie with sausage, hot peppers, green peppers and mushrooms.  It DID make me feel better.  A little.  I still felt it a bit on Sunday, but I made it through.

So, 40 years old.  And what happens today?  The kids went to school.  My baby went to kindergarten.  Which made me feel extra old.  And YOU KNOW how much I’ve complained about the fighting.  But I still cried after they got on the bus.  Hmmph.  Go figure.

40?  Not the end of the world.  I’ll take it :)


  1. Happy Birthday! :)

    Sounds like a fantastic day and a great party!

  2. Kerri says:

    Love that you took that time for yourself before the party!! It is easy to forget to do that!

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