Happy Friday the 13th


Well, here we are, Friday the 13th.  I like to go against normal thinking (um, always).  I consider Friday the 13th a lucky day.  Gotta play the lottery today.

Life is coming along just fine here.  The kids found out who their teachers are, and they’re both happy with who they got.  They’re super excited about starting.  And to coincide with the whole “two kids in school” thing, the house really is starting to look a little more grown up.  The deck is almost done, (YAY!) the air conditioner is getting fixed as we speak, and we’re gearing up for some grown up time.

I would love to say that I have some cute or funny story about the kids.  But right now, we’re all just pretty much done.  We slept without air conditioning last night, which wasn’t really all that bad, but it gave the kids something to complain about.  Chloe has forgotten how to do anything by herself, and is getting upset if Becca won’t play with her.  Becca, who NEVER really figured out how to entertain herself, is just telling Chloe that she’s not going to play with her so she gets upset.

Me?  I’m thinking about diving into a big bottle of Pinot Noir.

So, they are definitely ready for school.  They need the structure.  The socialization.  And they need to start going to bed earlier!  The one good thing (or bad, depending on how you look at it) that happened this summer is that they learned how to sleep in!!!!  I know that I complained previously about the early risers.  No more.

So, as I enjoy this last week of my thirties, I may not be posting a bunch.  I’m going to be living it up, having fun.

…..or swimming in that bottle of Pinot Noir and then curling up into the fetal position because I’m going to be 40.

One of those.

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