Four Down, 178 To Go


Don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining about the kids being in school.  But them?  Well, I think the novelty is beginning to wear off.  Just a bit.  We’ve had four mornings, (three days completed) of school.  Here’s what has happened so far:

  • Chloe has told me that, although she likes her teacher, she likes her pre-school teacher better.  She decided she wants to go back to pre-school.  I told her “sorry ’bout your luck.”
  • Becca has been on time out for fighting homework.  On the first day of homework. The second day of homework went a little better, but she needs to get her focus back.  Her brain is everywhere BUT her homework at homework time.
  • I got a call from the school nurse.  Already.  Becca has a bug bite gone wild.  Long story short, she has a big , hot red mark around the bite.  We noticed the bite over the weekend, but it didn’t “go wild” until Tuesday night.  The nurse kept her in school, and we went to the pediatrician yesterday.  Cellulitis (slight infection under the skin).  So, she’s on Keflex (sp?).
  • Chloe is very impressed with breakfast at school.  She won’t start whole days (and lunch at school) until next week.  But I think she likes the feeling of eating out every day.
  • I got right back into schedule, and promptly fell asleep with Becca in bed last night.  At 9:00.  My body needs to adjust to that 7:00 am wake time after getting to sleep in most of the summer.  My goal is to have  ‘me’ time every night (well, some of those nights will be “me and Tony” time).  Wasn’t that a goal last year?  Well, I guess I can take naps this year because they will both be in school :-)

Alrighty, gotta hit that “to-do” list before I get Chloe from the bus!

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