Yea!  Have I told you that we’re finally getting a deck?  I can’t remember if I blogged about it or not.  Anywho, we’re on day 4 of construction, and the floor of the deck is almost done!  SQUEE!

We’ve lived in our house for seven years, and have finally gotten around to this.  I mean, the restaurant took a lot of our time, money and patience.  (Wow, the restaurant sure does sound like a kid.).  Most the other neighbors did their decks years ago.  But hey…we’re doing it now.  And it’s not half-ass, either.  It’s going to be covered, too!  The back of our house gets sun, well, whenever the sun is out.  The roof is definitely a necessity.

We went and got some furniture, too.  Yes, a bit premature.  But I wanted to get something decent before all the patio furniture was gone for the season.  And we only spent $1000 on a table with six chairs, and a cushioned set with a love seat, two chairs and an ottoman.

I can see it now…..picture this

******It’s a fall morning…maybe early October.  After I peacefully get the kids on the school bus, I trot home and have a steaming cup of coffee.  I gather the laptop and the coffee, and head out to the deck.  The leaves are starting to turn.  Awesome.  Do you know what I hear?  Just some birds.  All the kids?  They’re at school and pre-school.  Aaaaahhhhh.  *****

I’m so ready.  If I even get ONE morning like that, I will feel complete!  But right now?  I’m sucking up the last two weeks of summer.  My kids start school on August 23rd, so we’re in the home stretch.  I’m thinking there may be ice cream in the picture for tonight….

I’ll post some pictures of the deck’s progress a little later!!!

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  1. Kerri says:

    AAAHHH….The idea of drinking even a half a cup of coffee without interruption sounds like a dream.

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