Over The Hump


Well, here we are, half way through summer.  I’ve been having fun with the kids.  We’ve gotten ice cream, been to parties, swam, stayed up late, gone to the movies and had some lazy summer days.  But yesterday, I think we turned a corner.

I think we all are getting on each others’ nerves.

Don’t get me wrong…the girls have been getting along pretty well.  They still have their moments.  Usually they end up fighting over some toy, or the dog.  But they’ve become, like I said, good friends.  But we have been hanging out and doing stuff together EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Yesterday my patience ran pretty thin.

I was headed to the craft store with the girls.  I’m making the family room look a little more “grown up.” The new, non-stinky, leather sectional was delivered on Friday.  I got new curtains and pillows, and a couple of pieces of artwork.  I’m loving it.  Just a few more touches and it will be complete.  As we were in the craft store, I thought it would be a good idea to get something for the girls to do.  Something they could do BY THEMSELVES.  Away from each other.  In their rooms.

I reached back into my memories and tried to think about what I used to do as a kid.  I remember doing those latch hook rugs.  I have no idea how old I was, but I’m thinking I was under ten.  I tried to sell them on a mini-latch hook project.

They had no interest.

Paint was out.  I don’t trust them enough to do that on their own.  They had some necklace kits, but that would take up a whopping ten minutes.  Then I remembered about friendship bracelets.  Hey, they could make some for their friends.  It was totally on the cheap.  It was pretty easy (and I think they made something using a similar technique at summer rec last week).  So, I bought up a bunch of embroidery floss, the supplies for my projects and two $1 toys to keep them quiet, and we headed home.

First I had to remember how do make a friendship bracelet.  I searched online, found the basic instructions, and started making one for Becca.  I sounded super enthusiastic and said “Hey, Becca…Wanna learn how to make a friendship bracelet?”


Ugh.  I knotted and knotted and got a good two inches done.  I tried again. “Look, Becca.  You can pick the colors and make them for all of your friends.”

“Not right now.  I just want to wear the one you’re making.”

Ugh, again.  So, I finished Becca’s bracelet and now I owe one to Chloe.  I guess I’ll try to talk them into it again.  They can only play on the swings, swim and watch movies for so long.  Becca has started reading OCCASIONALLY, but she poops out after about ten minutes.

Does anybody have any good ideas on stuff they can do on their own?  (Quiet stuff?)

Today?  We’re heading out to see “Despicable Me.”  They’re excited to see it.  I figured we’ll shove in a bunch of movies over the summer, because once school starts there just won’t be enough time!  Enjoy your day!

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    Hello my old friend! I have an award for you. http://ellebellesbows.blogspot.com/2010/07/versatile-bloggers-award.html I still need to email to fill you in on the website.

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