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Today I saw a post on facebook from an old co-worker.  I haven’t seen her in years, but thanks to facebook, I know she has a little girl and lives in Ohio.  She seems super happy.  I always liked Kerri, and enjoyed working with her.  (We also had fun on her 21st birthday, but we won’t talk about that now).

So, Kerri actually left the bartender life to become a pilot.  But now, here she is, at home with her little one.  What does she do?  She starts her own at-home business (becomes a MOMtrepreneur).  She started making hair clips and bows.  They’re so cute! And definitely something you can’t find just anywhere.  As they say,  a picture is worth 1,000 words:

Flamingo Hair clip

Strawberry Hair Clips

Aren’t they cute? I’m a little jealous, though.  Why?  Well first off, I’m not that crafty.  Not in real life, anyway.  I can be crafty on my handy dandy laptop, but not with actual MATERIALS.  Look:  I made this ninja over the weekend:

Cute, huh?  But I digress……

So, I’m jealous that she’s crafty.  And I’m jealous that her daughter will actually wear hair clips.  Not mine.  Not for longer than 30 minutes, anyway.  But, I’m not very much into accessories, so I guess I can’t expect my kids to be into them.

But I think it’s awesome that she started a business.  So, you should check out her blog, Elle Belle’s Bows! And us moms?  We’re like that.  I’ve been a virtual assistant, hocked my t-shirts online (still do that), and done all the boring paperwork gobbidy-gook for the restaurant from home.  Oh, and gone back to school.  My friend watches kids for extra cash.  One of our waitresses also bakes cookies on the side.  You can’t keep a mom back.  The internet has opened up all sorts of opportunities for moms, and I love to see a mom start something new.  Or finish something they started.  Or go back to school.  Or keep on working outside the house.  Anything but that whole stereotypical fifties mom wearing an apron and having a martini and dinner ready for her husband as he walks through the door.

Nothing against the boys.  They’ve been starting businesses forever.  But to juggle the kids, a business, the house, the laundry…you get the idea.  Moms really DO rock.

And that’s all I have to say about that :-)

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