Fast Friends


Um, I’m not sure if I have stepped into somebody else’s life or what.  Today, my kids slept in.  After we decided that it was too hot to go to summer rec, they played.  I got things accomplished.  They played.  There were no fights about what we were going to do with the rest of the day.  I was going to take them to the movies, but there was nothing to see (because we’ve seen Toy Story 3 twice now).  They said they wanted to go to Giggles and Smiles.   OK, I could handle that.  A quick trip to Lowes (and there was no complaining!), and we headed to the mall.  A quick lunch (and there was no complaining about sharing a drink!), and I dropped them off.  An hour to myself.  It was an hour in a mall without spending any money, but hey…I was alone!  After I picked them up, we walked around the mall a bit.  I even splurged on a couple of tees for them at Justice.  (Granted, everything was 40% off).  They smelled some lotion and candles with me, and off we went.

Next stop?  Grocery shopping.  They wanted to go into the Eagle’s Nest (which is a little child care facility inside of Giant Eagle).  Fine with me…more alone time.  I was so happy with their behavior, I bought them some silly bands to split.  We came home, they played more.  There was NO FIGHTING.  They agreed on what they wanted for dinner.  They ate nicely.

Would you like to know what they are doing right now?  They are doing their Summer school work.  Without complaining.  Dare I even say, enjoying it?

If I was transported into another dimension, I’d like to stay here, please.  Next I’m going to see if they clean up like they said they would.  Then it’s our favorite summertime show…Wipeout. (Oh my gosh, as I type this they just shared their candy!!!!!!!!!!!)

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  1. Megan says:

    Dude,you just totally jinxed yourself for tomorrow and the rest of the summer!

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