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I’ve been keeping an eye on woot.com for a few months now.  I’m a sucker for a good deal.  Anyway, today I saw my vacuum cleaner on woot.  For about eighty bucks less than what I paid for it.  I’m presenting this public service announcement to you because I love you.  If you need a vacuum and don’t have the cash for a Dyson (like me), get the Shark Navigator.  Even better?  Get it on woot today for just eighty bucks.

If you’re not familiar with how woot works, they have a big deal each day on closeouts and what not.  The deal will disappear either a) when they sell out or b) at midnight pacific time, whichever comes first.  So go now or lose your chance.

Overall, I love this vacuum.  It sucks up the dog hair well, it reaches under the living room table, it has a long hose to reach all those corners well.  My only complaint is that the canister is a little small, so you will be emptying it out pretty often.  But for the money, I think it’s a great deal.  And nobody is even paying me to say that. :-)

While I’m here, I want to say “Happy Father’s Day” to a couple of people.  First, my Dad.  He is my go-to guy for any question I might have about, well, just about anything.  Even though he lives in Florida, he’s still the first person that comes to mind when I need advice.  He’s a great dad, and always has been.  Even when I was a not-so-stellar daughter (Me?  What?  Yeah, it can happen.).  I love you, Dad!!! <3

Second (but just as importantly) is Tony.  He’s an awesome father, spends great time with the girls, and is the perfect balance of “pushover” and “strict guy.”  I’m so lucky that my kids have such a great dad (‘cuz, well, I have good taste, ya know?)  He would do anything for his kids.  He’s the kind of dad who would put on a fancy-schmancy girly hat and play tea party just because his girls wanted him to.

Man, I am one lucky chick.  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL THE DADS OUT THERE! Have a great rest of your weekend!

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  1. Dad says:

    At least I didn’t have a fancy hat when we had “tea”. Thanks in advance for the Think Geek stuff.

  2. Heather says:

    Well, now we can have grown up drinks. And I won’t make you wear a fancy schmancy hat. Well…maybe just ONE time?

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