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We took the kids to see Toy Story 3 on Monday.  It was a super cute movie.  My kids enjoyed the first two, and have been re-watching them for a couple of weeks now.  They think of Woody and Buzz as their friends.  So, it was really nice to actually sit through an entire movie with no questions of , “Is it over yet?” or, “Can I sit on your lap?”  In fact, Chloe was so involved that she didn’t announce that she REALLY had to pee until it was over.

We went to the 3D matinée, and there were only a handful of other people in the theater.  I’m not going to give away the story, but there were moments where my kids were SUPER involved.  Chloe shouted, “Look out Woody!” and Becca actually teared up at one point.

Honestly, I teared up a little under those ultra-stylish 3D glasses, myself.  There is a moment when Andy’s mom walks into his room as he’s packing up for college and just sees the emptiness.

Yeah, there were tears.  Remember, I’m a big softie.

Tony even busted me.  Rats.

So, it was a good family movie.  Go see it.  We even bought the video game for the Wii.  And the kids have dug out all the Buzz and Woody toys from a few years back.  I think they’ve acted out every scene they can remember.  So, I not only get 3D, I get a live action version.

I love it.  I’ll miss it when they stop acting things out like that.  There will come a day when they will just lock themselves in their rooms and listen to music. So I’m suckin’ it up now :-)

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