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Hey, we’re having a community garage sale tomorrow from 7:30 – 2:00.  Rain or shine (‘cuz we all have garages!).  I’m spending the day locked in my house, dealing with toys that the kids have outgrown, books (I have the whole Sookie Stackhouse series!) and other various things that we are, well, finished with.

Here’s the link to the general info:


Everybody in the neighborhood has the ability to accept credit cards, too!  (Thanks to an extra credit card machine from Downey’s House!)  If you’re the garage sale type (or hey, even if you’re not and you have small children), here’s the link to the Google Map:


The one thing this garage sale has helped me with is cleaning.  I’ve gathered bags of garbage along the way.  I am amazed at the amount of small toys the girls have gathered.  McDonalds toys, gumball machine toys, and just crap.

OK, I have work to do!  Talk to you all soon!

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