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Diggin’ The Swine

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This post is probably going to sound like a guy wrote it.  Oh well.

The other day I was using  (I had a few extra minutes, the tv was ‘taken’ by the girls, and I didn’t feel like working).  I came across a recipe.  An evil but seemingly delicious recipe.  Go check it out. Here it is.

Some people might think that it looks disgusting.  But that salty and sweet combination is just so damn yummy.  I spoke of this recipe at a birthday party for my nieces.  My sister-in-law’s brother has a seriously loving relationship with bacon.  He said that this was just about the best thing he had ever heard.  He also suggested that I try me some chocolate covered bacon.  I think that’s going on the bucket list.

So, I brought this recipe up at the restaurant yesterday.  Everybody was in.  But I don’t work again until Monday.  Could we make home made cinnamon rolls with the pizza dough?  I’m sure we could.  But we’re going to follow the recipe on Monday and check them out.  If they’re good enough, I’d be more than happy to put them on the menu.  Nothing like a crazy dessert to get some attention.  I’ll let you know how they are!

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