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Chloe always cracks me up.  The way her little brain works is just, well, funny.  Sunday afternoon we were talking about our trip to Disney.  I figured it was time to get out the tape measure to see what rides the kids could get on.  First, we did it without shoes.  Becca was about 44 1/2 inches and Chloe’s came out to about 42 1/2.  Space Mountain and some other cool rides have a height requirement of 44 inches.  (I secretly also wanted to see if Becca could get on the Racer this year…46 inches…sssshhhhh).  So, I sent them to go and get their tennis shoes.  I advised, “Get the tennis shoes with the biggest bottom, that will make you the tallest.”

Nobody listened to me.

Becca came down with her iCarly shoes.  They give her about a half an inch.  I sent her to get her other shoes.  Chloe?

She came into the family room wearing roller skates.

As Tony and I suppressed our laughter, I asked her, “Don’t you think it will be hard to get around Disney World with roller skates on?”  She told me that it would be, “no problem.”


Well, I got her tennis shoes on her and we measured.  There was (obviously) a lot of commotion and laughter going on between the two measurements.  Tony looked at the number.  41 1/2 inches.  Sorry Chloe. She walked away

“Wait.”  I said.  “Wasn’t she taller before the shoes?”  As Tony and I argued whether or not she was, I just told her to come back and get measured again.

44 inches exactly.

I asked, “Chloe, why were you shorter before?”

She had a big old case of bent knees.  What was she thinking?  I have absolutely NO IDEA.  Maybe she really DID want to wear the roller skates.

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