Kennywood’s Open (No, not your zipper)


I hope you had a great Mothers’ Day.  We spent Mothers’ Day at Kennywood.  It’s our new yearly tradition (second year in a row).  Mothers’ Day weekend is opening weekend at Kennywood.  Seems that people have other things to do on Mothers’ Day, so the lines are pretty light.  Not to mention that there was a high temperature of about 52 degrees.

But we had a blast.  We went on the kids’ favorite, the Jackrabbit at least three times.  We hit all of the classics…the Paratrooper, the Kangaroo, the Pirate Ship, the Turtle.  We went on Noah’s Ark, which completely freaked Becca out. (Chloe was a little scared too, but she just hides it better).  I think that most of Becca’s problem was having a couple of 11 or 12 year old boys behind her, making extra noise.  Becca was actually tall enough for the Racer and The Exterminator.  Which she thoroughly enjoyed (although, because The Exterminator is dark, she just sort of clenched my hand in fear the entire time.  But when we exited, she was really excited about it.).  The kids played games, won stuffed animals, got their cotton candy and had an overall great day.

Because the lines were so short, we really had ridden all that we wanted to ride by 4:30.  So, we headed home.  On the trip back, I asked the girls what their favorite part of the day was.  Chloe said it was winning the stuffed animals and riding the Jackrabbit.  Becca said stuffed animals and the Racer.  Then I asked what their least favorite part of the day was.  I was expecting Becca to say that it was Noah’s Ark, but she threw me a curve by saying that it was riding the three rides she rode in Kiddieland.  Chloe agreed.

There’s a little part of my heart that is sad about that.  They used to be so excited to get on those rides.  They look at me, so proud that they could ride something on their own.  That day, however, they looked at me like I was making them watch a documentary on making cheese.  I guess I can’t avoid the fact that they have to grow up.  At least I get to ride the fun rides with them!

Speaking of that, I had the opportunity to cross something off my bucket list (the Skycoaster).  Problem was, they were only accepting triple rides (meaning you had to have three people to go).  The girls were tall enough to go on, and I actually pressed it a bit.  Chloe was more than willing, but Becca wasn’t so sure.  Then Tony looked at me and very gently asked, “Do you want to be the Mom who scars them for life on Mothers’ Day?”

OK, guess not.  I’ll have to try another day…

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