You Can Take the Girl Out of Pittsburgh…


My friend Jenn was in town this week.  I was happy to get a visit from her on Tuesday, and to meet her (and some other friends) out for dinner.  She currently lives in North Carolina, and is trying to move back to Pittsburgh.  Well, I don’t really need to tell you the story, because you can go and read about it.  The Post Gazette wrote an article about her and her husband.  Go ahead, go and read it.  It will open in a new window for ya.  Shoo.

OK, did you read it?  So now you know her story.  She’s really having a tough time finding a job here.  But she really wants to come back.

Pittsburgh is funny like that.  There are Pittsburghers everywhere.  All over the country.  But they still consider themselves Pittsburghers.  Forever.

My folks are in Florida.  They are Pittsburghers.  They drive to Ft. Lauderdale so they can go to Primanti’s (although, they say it’s not the same, but close).  They get excited when they find Iron City.  When my Mom comes to visit, I always have Islay’s chipped ham and Mancini’s bread.  It’s what they love, and what (other than their flesh and blood) connects them to their roots.

I am happy I live here.  I’m happy I never had to leave.  I’m comfortable with my kids being raised here.  I love the sense of community.  I love the hills.  Hell, I even love it when people say “dahn tahn” and “dahn arahn the way.”  And I love yinz guys.

I’ve shared my goals with you.  There will come a day, when my girls are grown and I am a grandma, that I will live on the beach.  I envision myself in a large, floppy hat.  I’ll be sitting in a chair, under an umbrella with my computer on my lap and my toes in the sand.  Tony, with his grey hair and loud Hawaiian print shirt, will walk down and say he’s headed to the golf course, and he’ll meet me for lunch.  After he gives me a quick kiss, I’ll sip my coffee and look out at the waves. I’ll have an overwhelming feeling of calm and happiness.

But I’ll still be a Pittsburgher at heart.

Hey…I can dare to dream, right?

So hey, if anybody has a job for Jenn or her hubby, let me know!  They really, really, really want to be able to have Primantis or chipped ham whenever they feel the urge :)


  1. Dad says:

    Every time I dream, I am in Pittsburgh though we’ve lived inthe Cape for 12 years.

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