Who Turned Out The Lights?


Let me tell you about the big, crazy storm we had on Friday.  Friday started out great…eighty degrees, sunny, and just a little breezy.  My neighbor called me to sit outside for a bit while the kids played.  We did just that, and then it was time to head to the bus stop.  As we’re getting ready to go, it started to drizzle.  So, we pile ourselves, Chloe, her four year old and the one year old that she watches into her mom-mobile (aka mini-van).  The bus stop is not even two blocks away.  By the time we park the van, it starts to rain.  A lot.  And holy wind, Batman!  I looked through the windshield and saw a trampoline tumbling through a yard and into the street.  It was crazy.  Another Mom jumped in the car with us and we waited for the bus in the storm.  When it came, we just piled every kid we could into the van.  I got home, picked up the pieces of one destroyed playhouse, let the dog in (yes, he was scared and very, very, wet), and got on the horn.

There was damage everywhere.  Trampolines were ruined, tons of shingles were missing (thankfully, not from my house).  And the icing on the cake?  No electricity.  If you’ve never experienced a loss of power with small children, you are missing small people asking you the same thing about eight bazillion times.  “When is the power coming back on?!?!”

We got through the first hour and a half pretty easily.  I actually took a little nap while they watched the battery operated television we have.  Then it died.  So, I told them to just play!  It wasn’t dark.  So they did play blocks for a while, and they were ok (aside from fitting that famous question in whenever they could).  We got a bath and got ready for bed.  Still no power.  I was figuring that it would come back overnight.  No such luck.  They woke me up at 6:50 am.  I very calmly (but sternly) looked at them with my one open eye.

“Can you do me a favor?  Brush your teeth, get an outfit and brush your hair.  Mommy needs some coffee, so we’re going out for pancakes.”

That took the edge off.  We had a great breakfast, went to Downey’s House, I did my work and we came home.  And, YAY! We had power.

Everybody made it through the “big ordeal” just fine.  Except maybe for the dog.  He starts to whimper every time it starts to sprinkle when he’s outside. :(

One little snippet from the weekend that I have to share.  As we (which includes Tony) were out and about yesterday, there was a “gentleman” who just wouldn’t let me in to merge while I was driving.  He wasn’t very nice.  Tony let him know that while he was looking in his rear view mirror.  I’m sure the man read Tony’s lips while he said “Thanks for letting her in, Dickhead!”

Becca promptly said “Yeah!  You’re a stickhead, man.”

I’m sure glad she said THAT.

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